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11 March 2014
Is your puppy a fast-acting canine? You might as well get them an outfit that suits their personality. So, if your pet is lightning quick, check out this Flash Pet Costume. This red, one-piece doggy suit features a hood with openings for your pup's ears. Your dog will be running free and wild when you dress them in this awesome costume. For this and many more super pet costumes, shop at spirithalloween.com.
3 March 2014
There are plenty of options as far as what direction to go with your costume when you have the Bald Old Man Adult Wig. Whether you're going for a mad scientist, historical figure or caretaker, the possibilities are endless with stringy grey hair around a bald head! Find plenty more options for fun wigs when you shop at spirithalloween.com.
28 February 2014
Celebrate Dia de los Muertos in the proper fashion when you wear the Dark Rose Day of the Dead Mask. No one will know who you are in this white face mask with awesome black artwork including rose details on the forehead and chin. For this, and whole lot more creepy masks be sure to visit spirithalloween.com.
24 February 2014
We live in a colorful world, so why not dress accordingly with something like the officially licensed Care Bears Cheer Bear Tween Costume. There can never be enough cheer, so go crazy when you don this pretty pink, plush character hood, fingerless gloves and dress with rainbow graphic. Put a smile on your face when you browse spirithalloween.com for all sorts of tween classic character costumes.
21 February 2014
Find out where all those wild things really go when you dress your tiny tot in this adorable and officially licensed Where the Wild Things Are Max Baby Costume. Your little one is always in a world of his own, and now he can have the outfit to match his imagination. Need more imaginative ideas for your baby? Check out all the awesome tv and movie baby costumes at spirithalloween.com.
17 February 2014
Your youngster will ride in on his steed and save the damsel in distress when you let him wear this Black Knight Child Costume. Protecting the castle and all its citizens is never easy, but with your body armor and helmet you'll have a leg up on the competition. For this medieval costume and more, visit the boy's costume section at spirithalloween.com.
14 February 2014
Give your little one the chance to look out-of-this-world when she dresses up in this Cosmic Cutie Girl's Costume. Live amongst the stars as you orbit planets in search of life forms in this otherworldly silver, purple and green dress. And if you're more of the "down-to-earth" type, there are plenty of other fun girl's costumes for your little darling at spirithalloween.com.
11 February 2014
Color the neighborhood, and perhaps your entire world, blue when you dress in this officially licensed Crayola Crayon Sky Blue Tank Dress Girls Costume! Ever wonder why the sky is blue? It's obviously because you colored it that way! Let's face it – this adorable color is good for any occasion. For this and a plethora of other funny costumes for tweens shop spirithalloween.com!
7 February 2014
Rule the universe as the most powerful Sith Lord when you wear this officially licensed Make sure that your haunted house is the creepiest of them all when you decorate using such scary animatronics as this Lifesize Uncle Charlie Light-Up Prop. He moves his head, flashes his eyes and speaks a bunch of carnival phrases to ensure that the hair on your visitors' arms will stand on end. To further deck out your home or haunt on Halloween check out the best selection of decorations on the web at spirithalloween.com!
3 February 2014
Rule the universe as the most powerful Sith Lord when you wear this officially licensed Star Wars Darth Vader Supreme Edition Adult Costume. With heavy duty injection molded armor pieces, a full latex mask, helmet and breathing device, this is one outfit that will have everyone thinking twice before they bad mouth the Dark Side! For this awesome ensemble and much more shop Men's Theatrical Quality Costumes at spirithalloween.com!
31 January 2014
Through on your finest Dirndl and complete your Bavarian Bar Maid costume with this stylish Inga Blonde Adult Wig. Two pig tails, bangs and a glowing gold color make this a most desirable hairpiece. If blonde isn't quite your color, don't fret because spirithalloween.com has a large selection of Wigs for men and women.
27 January 2014
Be the smartest ghoul in school when you dress up for Halloween in this officially licensed Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Girls Costume. Speak up when you practice your moans and groans in this character ensemble that is second to none! Shop for Girl's TV and Movie Costumes when you visit spirithalloween.com.
24 January 2014
You won't need a doctor to reanimate your body when you wear this officially licensed Universal Monsters Frankenstein Adult Men's Plus Size Costume because you'll be the life of the party! Practice your monstrous walk and voice in this abnormal ensemble. Find this and more Men's TV and Movie Plus Size Costumes at spirithalloween.com!
17 January 2014
Yee-haw! Need an authentic finish to an already booming ensemble? Use this Western Straw Adult Hat to complete your cowboy, cowgirl or rodeo costume. Giddy-up and find yourself a hat from spirithalloween.com that compliments your outfit as well as your head shape!
13 January 2014
Give your millennium child a taste of where you came from when you dress them in this adorable 80s Pop Party Toddler Costume. The dancing never ends in this outfit, so keep the tunes coming! Need more ideas for Toddler Costumes? Shop spirithalloween.com today and discover their vast assortment!
10 January 2014
Even the runt of the litter needs a home. Add another member to your family when you decide to adopt this Runt Zombie Baby Prop! The lifelike weight, along with the look and feel of this baby will make everyone think twice before turning their backs on this little guy. If this darling is already part of your family, don't fret because spirithalloween.com has plenty of other Zombie Babies for your consideration!
6 January 2014
Nothing says Halloween better than two colors—orange and black! Add the right kind of accent to your house for the holiday with this 52 Oz Black and Orange Lava Lamp. Set the mood with black lava against an orange glow and get the party started! Find this lamp and a large selection of Lights and Fog Machines at spirithalloween.com.
3 January 2014
You'll be a true terror to everyone who crosses your path on Halloween when you dress in this Skinned Alive Child Costume. This outfit is designed to look like the wearer's flesh has been ripped away, revealing tendons, blood and bones. Deck yourself out in the scariest boy's costumes from spirithalloween.com!
30 December 2013
They won't be able to take their eyes off of you when you prance, preen and strut into the party wearing this Blue Peacock Tween Costume. This whimsical ensemble features a blue, teal and green dress with gold trim – it's completely stunning! Shop for teen costumes at spirithalloween.com!
27 December 2013
Class is always in session when you decide to wear this stunning School Girl Witch Adult Women's Costume. You've always gotten straight A's and that surely won't change now with this black, white and gray plaid ensemble. Fire up the cauldron and cast a spell on each and every onlooker! This amazing outfit, along with plenty more Women's Costumes lives at spirithalloween.com!
23 December 2013
Send chills down everyone's spine on Halloween when you decide to dress yourself in this twisted Dark Mad Hatter Adult Men's Costume. Already known for being somewhat insane, this take on the Hatter's outfit provides even more room for crazy antics and a devilish flair! You can find this ensemble along with an extraordinary amount of Men's Costumes at spirithalloween.com.
20 December 2013
How many ways can you think of to scare someone with this incredibly freaky 12 inch Brown Spider? The possibilities are endless with such a versatile prop. Make your pranking plans and be sure to include this awesome spider, as well as the numerous other animatronics you'll find at spirithalloween.com!
16 December 2013
Your tiny one will put a huge smile on everyone's face when you dress them in this adorable Cheshire Cat Jumpsuit Baby Costume. Complete with an attached plush tail and grinning headpiece, this outfit is one that will surely create some priceless memories. Discover spirithalloween.com's huge baby costume selection and choose the look that best fits your child's personality!
13 December 2013
Beware of the scary witch and be sure to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you can find your way home in this cute Gretel Girl's Costume. This classic fairy tale ensemble is perfect for an adorable night of trick-or-treating! If you're lucky, maybe your brother can go as Hansel! Browse for this outfit and so many more girl's costumes when you shop at spirithalloween.com!
9 December 2013
Help your little one go big this Halloween when you deck them out in this incredibly hilarious and officially licensed Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Inflatable Boys Costume. This awesome outfit comes complete with a battery operated fan so not only will it stay inflated, but your youngster will stay cool, too! Find this item and a plethora of other boy's costume at spirithalloween.com.
6 December 2013
Give them all something sweet to look at when you decide to wear this stunning Gingerbread Girl Adult Costume. This tasty ensemble is positively good enough to eat, but even better when you wear it to your next holiday party. For a variety of Women's Costumes that is second to none, visit spirithalloween.com today!
2 December 2013
You'll have a bone to pick with everyone when step out of your cave this Halloween wearing the King of the Caves Adult Costume. With tiger-print material and warm fur everywhere, you are sure to catch everyone's eye with this rugged ensemble. Just try to behave for as long as you can! For the more civilized gentlemen, shop for more men's costumes at spirithalloween.com!
29 November 2013
Are you a flower child at heart? You'll be a psychedelic vision when you decide to wear this Groovy Mama Adult Women's Plus Size Costume. Grab your hula hoop and make your way to the concert in this spectacular multicolor hippie dress. Find this awesome outfit and a large variety of other plus size costumes when you shop at spirithalloween.com.
25 November 2013
Everyone will have to brace themselves for your speed and strength when you don this officially licensed Superman Man of Steel Deluxe Child Costume. Fly from house to house, on Halloween, so fast that you might as well do it twice—who couldn't use the extra candy? For this awesome superhero costume and much more, shop at spirithalloween.com!
22 November 2013
Add a truly haunting experience to your Halloween scene when you use this terrifying 4 Foot Hanging Pumpkin Man. Hang it from anywhere you'd like, inside or out, and pose its arms to your specific liking. Few things are scarier than a dangling man with a pumpkin head! For this creepy decoration and a plethora of other yard and outdoor décor shop at spirithalloween.com.
18 November 2013
The party doesn't start until the show begins. Get it started when you deck out your event with this Laser 3D Party Light! The multicolor light is of a sturdy construction and goes through a variety of Halloween images so you can keep the crowd impressed at all times. When it comes to lights and fog machines spirithalloween.com has everything you need.
15 November 2013
Proper lighting is always the best start to the perfect Halloween atmosphere! Get it right when you use this Haunted Mansion Candelabra to greet your guests at the door. The faux pewter, skull-embellished candle holder features imitation wax candles with LED flames. Find this and a vast assortment of other party supplies at spirithalloween.com.
11 November 2013
What is the scariest place you can think of? Turn the walls of your own home into something out of a horror movie when you decorate using this Doctor's Office Wall Décor Kit. Maniac medics and horrifying disturbing surgeons unite for an all-together freaky atmosphere with this decoration. For this product and tons of other door, window and wall décor shop spirithalloween.com!
4 November 2013
Send chills through everyone's spine when you admit to them that you've adopted a child and show them this incredibly detailed and haunting Snack Time Zombie Baby Prop. Hungry Hank has quite the appetite and has been known not to play well with others—even himself. If you truly are a loving parent, be sure to take home plenty of Zombie Babies, there are so many and they all need a home!
1 November 2013
Do friends sometimes have a hard time finding your house when you invite them over? Mark your territory on Halloween when you decorate the yard with this Airblown Inflatable Slender Witch with Light-Up Eyes. This nearly 7-foot tall decoration will illuminate your lawn making your home hard to miss. Don't stop there–keep adding to your holiday scene when you shop spirithalloween.com for more Airblown Inflatables!
28 October2013
Do friends sometimes have a hard time finding your house when you invite them over? Mark your territory on Halloween when you decorate the yard with this Airblown Inflatable Slender Witch with Light-Up Eyes. This nearly 7-foot tall decoration will illuminate your lawn making your home hard to miss. Don't stop there–keep adding to your holiday scene when you shop spirithalloween.com for more Airblown Inflatables!
25 October2013
No Gothic castle of graveyard is complete without the proper fencing! Finish the job when you border your scene with this Gothic Cemetery Cross Fence. The three piece set will add the appropriate cover for when the dead begin to rise. If you need to further deck out your courtyard of death, check out all the tombstones and fences available at spirithalloween.com.
21 October2013
Show off your incredible Dracula hunting skills this Halloween when you decorate your home with this impressively angry Gothic Vampire Hanging Head. Create your own backstory about the lengths you went to protect your family from this wretched beast, or just let it hang and watch the people cower in the face of evil! For this decoration and huge selection of body parts visit spirithalloween.com today!
18 October2013
Do you consider yourself a jokester or ultimate prankster? Prank and scare anyone you please when you set up this Remote Drop Down Bat. The wireless foot mat allows for seamless execution of the trick—one foot on the mat and down drops the bat! Find this and all sorts of other rodents, insects and critters at spirithalloween.com.
14 October2013
Be sure to handout some good treats to all of your party goers on Halloween! For starters, you can send all the fans of the undead home with this awesome Zombie Family Decal Pack. They can stick them in the back window of their car just to let everyone know that this is one family that appreciates a decent brain. For this great party favor and much more, shop spirithalloween.com!
11 October2013
Tickle me, Pumpkin! Endless laughs and fun abound when you decorate with this officially licensed Elmo Pumpkin Push In. With no need to carve in order to create a stunning gourd with personality, you'll be free from clean up giving you more time to spend with the family on Halloween! But if carving is more of your thing, spirithalloween.com has you covered too!
7 October2013
Looking for a quick and easy, yet fierce costume for this Halloween? When you don this Lion Ears and Tail Set you'll effortlessly become the Queen of the Jungle. With a clip on tail and a headband with ears, there really is no easier way to create a ferocious outfit! For all this costume kit and a whole lot more, visit spirithalloween.com today!
30 September 2013
Swish and flick! Create some kind of Halloween magic with all of your sorcery knowledge and this officially licensed Harry Potter Deluxe Wand. The possibilities are endless when you know the right spells. It's just like knowing that spirithalloween.com has a never-ending supply of Halloween accessories — simply brilliant!
27 September 2013
One thing that is sure to compliment a nice pair of legs is the perfect pair of shoes. These Women's Lace-Up Knee High Black Boots should do just the trick. These boots were made for walking the trick-or-treat path, so don't let them down! Keep in mind that this is merely one of many pairs of footwear you can find at spirithalloween.com.
23 September 2013
Unless you have a personal acquaintance with a mad scientist or demented doctor, your best bet on turning into a monster for Halloween is this Monster FX Kit. Transform your face into a living nightmare with this handy makeup set. Spirithalloween.com is home to a vast assortment of makeup, so make up your mind today and browse the page!
20 September 2013
Steal the spotlight on Halloween and lead the way down the trick-or-treat path when you wear this spectacular Green Glow Fedora Hat. Trust me, they've never seen style like this – so wear it well! You can find this piece of headwear and plenty more when you shop for hats at spirithalloween.com.
16 September 2013
They'll all be smitten with one look from you in this super sassy Seduction Curly Blonde Adult Wig. With this controlled chaos of golden curls none will be able to resist your charm, beauty and elegance. For this wonderful head of hair and so much more, shop for Halloween wigs at spirithalloween.com.
13 September 2013
You can become everyone's favorite evil doll with ease when you don this officially licensed Chucky Mask. The scarred face and devilish eyes of this Child's Play facemask will frighten anyone who crosses your path. But when it comes to masks, spirithalloween.com carries much more than this terrifying doll – check it out for yourself!
9 September 2013
Sometimes animals can portray many human characteristics. Accentuate your pet's human-like personality on Halloween when you dress them in this Dapper Dog Pet Costume! Next thing you know, your pet will be speaking in a civilized manner. And if your best friend is more of a maniac than anything else, well, there's something for every pet personality when you shop spirithalloween.com assortment of pet costumes.
6 September 2013
Does your tween have a ferocious side? Well, we have just the ensemble for her with this Dragon Shrug Set Tween Costume. Step out from the storybook tales and be divine on Halloween with this awesome and colorful outfit! To find this and a whole lot more, browse the selection of costumes for tweens at spirithalloween.com.
2 September 2013
Let your future doctor save the stuffed animals and heal all the boo-boos on Halloween when they wear this adorable Little Vet Toddler Costume. Bring a smile to everyone's face with this delightful veterinary outfit. And if animals aren't your thing, browse the grand selection of toddler costumes available at spirithalloween.com.
30 August 2013
Let everyone in the whole neighborhood know just how dear your little one is when you dress them in this Precious Pink Poodle Baby Costume. It's quite possibly the cutest little jumpsuit available. But if you and your child aren't dog people, there are plenty more ensembles to choose from when you shop spirithalloween.com for baby costumes!
27 August 2013
You can swiftly hogtie Halloween fun when you ride out in this Rawhide Renegade Child Costume. Send a message that your one cowboy that's not to be messed with! Find this awesome ensemble and plenty more when you shop spirithalloween.com for boy's costumes!
23 August 2013
When the zombie apocalypse occurs, no one is safe – even the biggest of rock stars will be threatened! So, maybe if you blend in with this Rocked Out Zombie Tween Costume you will make it out alive. For more zombie disguises and a huge selection of girl's costumes shop at spirithalloween.com.
19 August 2013
You'll be one good looking super heroine when you decide to dress in this officially licensed DC Comics Batgirl Adult Women's Costume! Subdue the evildoers and keep Gotham and your neighborhood safe for all trick-or-treaters on Halloween. To find this outfit and so much more, shop women's costumes at spirithalloween.com.
16 August 2013
You'll look so much like the Man of Steel when you wear this officially licensed DC Comics Superman Collector's Edition Adult Costume that bystanders will be asking for your assistance in everything from saving a kitten stuck in a tree to stopping robbers as they leave the bank! If you just don't see yourself as "faster than a speeding bullet" don't fret, there are many more adult men's costumes to choose from at spirithalloween.com.
12 August 2013
Looking to make a big impression this Halloween? Give them all nightmares when you decide to wear this creepy Grave Ghoul Adult Plus Size Mens Costume. This ominous outfit will surely raise more than hell – you'll raise the entire graveyard! For this and much more check out spirithalloween.com's assortment of plus size costumes.
9 August 2013
Support your team or just show everyone how much of a dog lover you are when you wear this fantastic Plush Bulldog Mascot Adult Costume. Make sure your crystal ball is within reach so you can tell everyone's future when you dress in this Gypsy Fortune Teller Teen Costume! Read palms and predict fortunes and misfortunes on Halloween in this lovely ensemble. Not quite the gypsy type? Have a look at the enormous selection of costumes for teens at spirithalloween.com, where there is something for everyone!
5 August 2013
Support your team or just show everyone how much of a dog lover you are when you wear this fantastic Plush Bulldog Mascot Adult Costume. Not only will you be cuddly soft in this great outfit, but you'll be the number one fan! And just in case the Bulldogs aren't your team, check out the selection of high quality mascot costume from spirithalloween.com. But until then, Go Bulldogs!
2 August 2013
Set the party ablaze when you strut in wearing this fiery and officially licensed Playboy Devil Adult Women's Costume. This red-hot outfit is sure to turn some heads. And if you're not quite the devilish type, you can certainly find a Women's Costume at spirithalloween.com!
29 July 2013
Sweep into the party and clean up with compliments when you dress like only a man can in this French Maid Adult Men's Costume. If it's a more manly costume you seek be sure to check out the major selection of Men's Costumes here at spirithalloween.com – there's something for everyone!
26 July 2013
Everyone loves a longshot! So why not use up some of your puppy power on Halloween when you wear this officially licensed Underdog Adult Men's Plus Size Costume. Soar to the party and be a winner in this hilarious outfit! For a vast amount of other Plus Size Costume options, shop at spirithalloween.com.
22 July 2013
Who said that all clowns have to be happy? Sometimes the funniest ones are the sad ones and other times it's the sassy ones that really make us giggle. Give everyone a good chuckle when you wear this Sassie the Clown Teen Costume. For those of you who aren't quite in the mood for laughter, we're sure you will find a Teen Costume that suits you from spirithalloween.com!
19 July 2013
Send your little one flying when you dress them in this fantastic Lovely Ladybug Child Costume. There's no doubt this cute ladybug outfit will cause major adoration towards your little girl. And if red with black polka dots isn't quite your child's style, then feel free to browse the plethora of Girl's Costumes at spirithalloween.com!
15 July 2013
Hide from enemies near and far, and then strike when the time is right in this Camouflage Soldier Boys Costume. This is one authentic-looking costume that may cause some people to salute as you walk by. For this exciting ensemble and many other awesome Boy's Costumes be sure to shop at spirithalloween.com!
12 July 2013
They may not be marching yet, but if your little one is already crawling to their own tune this Penguin Bunting Infant Costume is just what they need! They can waddle their way into everyone's heart on Halloween in this bow tie clad, one-piece outfit. Discover this ensemble and plenty more Costumes for Baby at spirithalloween.com.
8 July 2013
Give your child the go ahead to behave monstrously on Halloween when you dress them in this adorable 3 Eyed Monster Toddler Costume. They might not scare anyone with this cute outfit, but they will surely eat up all the compliments! And if your little one isn't quite a monster, there are plenty more Toddler Costumes at spirithalloween.com.
5 July 2013
Looking for a howling outfit this Halloween? Look no further when you find this Werewolf Tween Costume. This faux fur ensemble will have you headed for a furry good time even if the moon isn't quite full. Find this, along with many other Tween Costumes at spirithalloween.com!
1 July 2013
Send a chill through everyone's spine when you decorate using this Set your haunted house apart from the rest on Halloween when you decorate using this amazingly creepy Animated Ripping Reaper of Souls. This life-sized animated decoration likes to show off all his captured souls. This, along with any of the other Spirit Exclusive decorations will surely leave a lasting impression on your guests.
28 June 2013
Send a chill through everyone's spine when you decorate using this Are you unsatisfied with you current hair style? Get groovy when you decide to let you funk flag fly in this Jumbo Afro Adult Wig. Practice you disco moves and your funky strut in this realistic wig. If an afro isn't your style, don't worry because there's a huge selection of wigs at spirithalloween.com.
25 June 2013
Send a chill through everyone's spine when you decorate using this Demand respect and cast fear upon all those who look upon you when you decide to mask yourself with this officially licensed Star Wars Darth Vader 2 Piece Mask. Practice your Vader voice and write a new ending to the well-known movies – one where the Dark Side prevails! Discover this imposing mask along with hundreds of other masks at spirithalloween.com.
21 June 2013
Send a chill through everyone's spine when you decorate using this Old Gramps Animatronic Decoration. Always with something wicked to say, Old Gramps is the perfect way to greet your guests on Halloween. You'll find that the scary thing is, there's plenty more where that came from when you browse Halloween Animatronics at spirithalloween.com.
17 June 2013
Create the perfect ghostly atmosphere for your haunted house of graveyard scene using this Go big with your decorations this year when you decorate your lawn with this Giant Vampire Airblown Inflatable. This 12 foot Halloween decoration will spook the life out of the neighborhood! And if you're thirsty for more, check out the great selection of more Airblown Inflatables at spirithalloween.com.
14 June 2013
Create the perfect ghostly atmosphere for your haunted house of graveyard scene using this 400W Low Lying Fog Machine. Keep the fog rolling in with an extra bottle of Low Lying Fog Juice to ensure your haunted creation remains eerie all night long. Find these items on the Lights and Fog Machines page at spirithalloween.com.
10 June 2013
Is your baby a handful? Do they manage to get their hands in places they shouldn't be…like the cookie jar? Well, wrap them up in this adorable Tiny Tentacles baby costume and they'll feel right at home. Perhaps your baby is not the octopus type, well you'll be happy to know there are plenty more costumes for baby at spirithalloween.com.
7 June 2013
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it's always better when you have someone to share it with. Share in the fun of a great ensemble when you and your partner wear the Bacon and Egg couple costume. If food is not your forte, then browse the vast selection of group and couples costumes at spirithalloween.com.
3 June 2013
Add a little flavor to the party or barbecue when you wear this officially licensed Heinz Ketchup Tank Dress adult women's costume. Arguably the best condiment, everyone will savor your presence. If red isn't your color there's always the mustard, or the abundance of other food costumes at spirithalloween.com.
31 May 2013
It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's your best canine friend in this spectacular Superman Pet Costume. Let everyone know how super your dog is when you dress them in this awesome costume, or browse our selection of pet costumes and find something that fits your pet's personality here at spirithalloween.com.
27 May 2013
Nurse Costume Show the world how helpful you can be on any given day with this Smash Nurse Adult Women's Costume. Take temperatures and give them medicine – put your compassionate heart to the test with this women's nurse costume along with a plethora of other nurse costumes for women at spirithalloween.com.
13 May 2013
Pardon me, but are you in need of a change of pace for your next play time? I do declare, your little girl will look darling when she attends her next tea party in this Southern Belle child costume. Broaden your child's imagination with this gorgeous outfit and plenty of other girl's storybook costumes at spirithalloween.com.
29 April 2013
For your child's next birthday party, show them you mean business when you don this hilarious and sure to bring some laughs Clowning Around adult women's costume. Instead of hiring a clown, take on the role yourself and show off your inner child. Spirithalloween.com is where you'll find this cute clown costume along with plenty more funny women's costumes.
22 April 2013
Spread love and nurture the ground under your feet on Earth Day with the Mother Nature adult women's plus size costume. Plant a tree, recycle and show you care with this plus size costume or any of the other plus size costumes from spirithalloween.com.
25 March 2013
Show your little girl how to really light up the room when she plays princess in this Rose Princess Twinkle girl's costume. Take play time back to the Middle Ages with this girl's princess costume and several other fairy and princess costumes from spirithalloween.com fit for a future queen.
11 March 2013
Who needs a four-leaf clover or a rainbow with a pot of gold when they have you in this Lucky Charm adult womens costume. Get green and shamrock it out on Saint Patrick's Day with one of spirithalloween.com's many St. Pat's costumes along with several other seasonal costumes.
4 March 2013
Bring a piece of the Emerald Isle to you this St. Patrick's Day when you sport this all-too-funny Leprechaun deluxe adult men's costume. Share your pot of gold and bring good luck and fortune with you wherever you go during the Holiday with any of the St. Pat's costumes from spirithalloween.com.
25 Feb 2013
Is your little girl a library of jokes? Does she steal the spotlight on most occasions? Sounds like she would look perfect in this Festive Jester girl's costume. With a style as lively as her own, she's surely to continue making people laugh and smile for years to come. Get this tween costume and much more at spirithalloween.com.
18 Feb 2013
Give your child the chance to pull rabbits from hats and perform a disappearing act when you bring them home this White Magician child costume. Put some magic back into playtime with any of our entertaining children's costumes! Whether shopping for a boy's costumes or a girl's costumes you can find it all at spirithalloween.com.
11 Feb 2013
Party like you're in New Orleans and celebrate the Carnival Season in style with a pair of Mardi Gras beads glasses or any of our several Mardi Gras accessories. Whether you're the Mardi Gras King or the Mardi Gras Queen you can bring a little taste of Bourbon Street wherever you end up on Fat Tuesday with any of these Mardi Gras costumes from spirithalloween.com!
4 Feb 2013
Instead of giving chocolates on Valentine's Day, steal hearts with this Queen of Hearts adult women's costume and show Cupid who's the real boss. Nothing says "I love you" better than a Valentine's Day costume and spirithalloween.com has all the seasonal costumes you need and more for this Valentine's Day!
31 Jan 2013
Play time and learning is a healthy combination to work into your child's daily routine. Do both, simultaneously when you use this T-Rex toddler costume during your child's next play time. Give them a taste of the Prehistoric era and more with any fun and imaginative toddler's costume at spirithalloween.com.
23 Jan 2013
Baby, it's cold outside! So, what's the best way to keep warm? You can roast chestnuts over an open fire, have a glass of hot chocolate, or you could suit up in this Snowman Mascot Adult Men's Costume . Don't let the weather get you down, warm your bones with funny men's costumes from spirithalloween.com and keep your spirits high this winter.
17 Jan 2013
Sometimes it takes a girl to do a boy's job – that's why you can dress up your little girl in this officially licensed Spidergirl Child's Costume. The neighborhood will feel a bit safer knowing your little superhero is on the job. Even better, get some friends together and don an assortment of superhero girl costumes for a super play date. Get this girl's costume and more at spirithalloween.com.
11 Jan 2013
Every superhero has an origin – a reason they decided to fight injustice. Now, your kids can create their own backstory during play time with this officially licensed Captain America Child's Costume. Along with many other superhero costumes, Captain America is a great way to turn ordinary dress up into an extraordinary adventure. Get this boy's costume and more at spirithalloween.com.
8 Jan 2013
For the times when the weather won't cooperate, you'll need a backup plan for play time with the kiddies. That's why Spirit Halloween is here to help with this Doctor Child's Costume. What did you want to be when you grew up? Police officer, firefighter, superhero or chef? Whatever it was, give your kids dreams of their own with one of our many occupational kid's costumes at spirithalloween.com.
28 Dec 2012
Where's the party this New Year's Eve? Wherever it is, you'll be the classiest gal there when you step into this elegant Silver Flapper adult women's costume. Lead the room in a chorus of Auld Lang Syne, dance the night away and countdown as the clock approaches midnight. Pop the champagne and celebrate in style with this women's costume and more at spirithalloween.com
14 Dec 2012
Were you naughty or nice this year – Santa will have a hard time making up his mind when you don the Twice As Fun Ms. Santa reversible women's costume! Heat things up in the Sexy Snowflake Santa women's costume and he'll melt at the sight of you. Get sexy Christmas and holiday costumes at SpiritHalloween.com – buy now.
11 Dec 2012

Jingle bells, jingle bells – jingle all the way to Christmas in a Regal Santa plus size adult's costume and enjoy the festivities as you spread goodwill and cheer. Dress your little angel in the Lil Miss Santa toddler costume for the perfect family holiday portrait; get Santa costumes for the whole family at SpiritHalloween.com. Buy now.
6 Dec 2012

Is it The Nightmare Before Christmas you crave? Make your wish come true in a Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington adult costume or a Nightmare Before Christmas Sally adult costume. Cozy up in Nightmare Before Christmas argyle knee socks and sit by the chimney with glee. Get all your Nightmare before Christmas presents at Spirithalloween.com. Buy now.
4 Dec 2012

Remember Pearl Harbor! Salute our armed forces in a classic general shirt and tie or celebrate with a sense of humor when you don the Toy Story Green Army Man adult men's or child's costume. Enlist family and friends to celebrate the brave men and women who protect freedom, democracy and the American way at SpiritHalloween.com.
30 Nov 2012

So when is Hanukkah this year? Oy vey, it seems like it was only yesterday. Add some fun to the festivities when you don this Rabbi adult costume and preside over the holidays in style. Get meshugga in this hilarious costume, complete with black flannel coat, white satin scarf, hat with attached payiss and matching facial hair –it's all good at SpiritHalloween.com.
27 Nov 2012

Score big when you get ready for football equipped with the Football Drink Helmet – it is mandatory for weekend fun and don't forget to get a beer bong. Show your team spirit and your true colors with Blue hairspray, Orange hairspray and cream makeup in your team colors; SpiritHalloween.com has got game. Get your game on now!
23 Nov 2012

Hey turkey – get you gobbler going in a turkey costume for Thanksgiving. Family photos will be hilarious when you don the Gobbler Turkey adult's costume; your little one will look cute enough to eat in the Lil Turkey Gobbler baby costume. Get the Turkey Toddler costume, Pilgrim costumes and more at SpiritHalloween.com & give thanks!
21 Nov 2012

Halloween should be easy & fun. Make it happen with an EZ costume from SpiritHalloween.com and party like a pro. Slip into the Dept of Corrections prison men's costume or take it easy in the Anime Panda adult's costume. Play games in the Beer Pong Cup costume or keep Gotham safe in the Batman Caped adult t-shirt costume. There's still time to get a fast and easy costume – buy now!
13 Nov 2012

Salute the Armed Forces in a military costume – the Sequin Commando plus size adult costume will enlist compliments while the Army Girl adult costume will command attention. Perhaps you prefer the Desert Dolly adult costume or maybe you wish to go retro in the Major Bombshell adult costume. Salute your favorite branch of the military in a sailor or military costume from SpiritHalloween.com.
7 Nov 2012

Commemorate the Pilgrim's pride on Thanksgiving when you don the Pilgrim Woman or Pilgrim Man adult costume or go native – harvest compliments in the Indian maiden adult women's costume. Get the gang going in the hilarious Turkey adult costume - SpiritHalloween.com has Thanksgiving costumes aplenty. They'll love your little one in the Lil Turkey Gobbler baby costume; the Airblown inflatable Turkey yard decoration is a total gas!
2 Nov 2012

Decorating for Halloween can drive you batty! Let your imagination take flight with the Bats mantel scarf or express yourself with the Halloween Sheer Gothic decorative fabric. Conjure up some Halloween fun with the amazing Spooky Hollow scenic panel or set your table with the Bats & Spider Webs table topper. Tell Martha Stewart to move over - get great Halloween decorations from SpiritHalloween.com and do your own thing – buy now.
1 Nov 2012

Halloween is all about the candy – celebrate in a Red M&M inflatable boy's costume or a yummy Yellow M&M Poncho teen costume. They'll eat up the hilarious Banana boy's costume too – get all kinds of candy and food costumes at SpiritHalloween.com. Could somebody pass the ketchup? Check out the clever ketchup child's costume or order a Get Real Cheeseburger boy's costume to go – fun is on the menu at Spirit Halloween.
31 Oct 2012

Who's your favorite Sesame Street character? Dress your little one in a Sesame Street Elmo or Sesame Street Cookie Monster baby costume and spread smiles throughout your neighborhood. Super-cute when Mom and Dad get in on the act – check out the Sesame Street Big Bird adult costume or the Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch adult women's costume. Get your Sesame Street costumes at SpiritHalloween.com now.
30 Oct 2012

Eliminate the pigs and save the eggs in an Angry Birds costume from SpiritHalloween.com – get them all! Worlds collide with the introduction of the Angry Birds Star Wars saga – check it out! Are you a fan of the red Angry Bird? Get the Angry Birds Red Angry Bird girl's dress costume or the Angry Birds Red child's or adult costume and take charge on Halloween. Buy now.
29 Oct 2012

Hit your mark in the Hunger Scene setters set the stage for Halloween fun – check out the Stonewall Graveyard Room Setter as a great backdrop for photos. Transform your home into a haunted mansion with the Gothic Mansion Wall décor set and make the fantasy real. Get frightfully fun Halloween decorations like the Mostly Ghostly Room Roll Scene Setter from SpiritHalloween.com and scare up some Halloween fun.
26 Oct 2012

Hit your mark in the Hunger Games movie jacket costume or take your rightful place in the Hunger Games movie prop District 12 Training Shirt costume; get Hunger Games equipment like the District 12 bag or the Katniss and Peeta dog tags. Show your support with a Hunger Games Mockingjay pin or Hunger Games Mockingjay socks – satisfy your appetite for Hunger Games costumes and more at SpiritHalloween.com.
25 Oct 2012

Masks are an easy costume – conceal and transform your identity in an instant with a mask from SpiritHalloween.com. The Night Fiend Ani-motion Mask has a fang-filled mouth that opens and moves when you do; the Pumpkin Animotion Mask will make them think twice about whether or not a jack 'o lantern is all that nice. Create an entirely new you with a Goonies Sloth mask – it's GROSS – get one now!
24 Oct 2012

Want a hair-raising Halloween decoration – check out the Animated Rise From the Grave Grim Reaper or the gruesome Out of Ground Torso – yikes! Transform your home sweet home into a haunted house on Halloween with great Halloween decorations from SpiritHalloween.com – did you see the Twelve Foot Hanging Skull? Think big and add to your collection with awesome and over-the-top Halloween decorations. Buy now.
23 Oct 2012

Have a swinging Halloween in the adult men's Playboy Hef's Smoking Jacket costume – you add the smooth moves! Real party animals will pick the Tequila Pop N Dude adult plus size costume but don't drink too much or you may be faced with a guy wearing the Cop O 'Feely adult men's costume! Get the party started with funny costumes and hilarious men's costumes from SpiritHalloween.com. Buy now.
19 Oct 2012

The lion is known as the king of the jungle – your little one will be king of the nursery is the adorable Lil' Lion baby costume. Make tracks for SpiritHalloween.com – get cute critters and more in the way of darling baby costumes. Why monkey around - the Lil' Monkey infant costume is a no-brainer; make a stink with the Lil' Skunk infant costume. They'll cherish any cute critter costume; hop to it - the Lil' Froggy baby costume will be gone soon.
22 Oct 2012

Make your mark in the Miss Freddy Krueger adult women's plus size costume and create a nightmare on Elm Street or your street on Halloween. Conjure up something frightful in the Elvira adult plus size costume or scare up some fun in the Dark Alice adult women's plus size costume. Get frightfully fabulous plus size costumes at SpiritHalloween.com and live large on Halloween. Buy now.
18 Oct 2012

Scare up some Halloween fun when you decorate with the amazing Haunted Ash Urn Prop – they say dead men tell no tales but this secret is too good to keep. Haunt your house with the Animated Hovering Ghost – he rises, sways and utters creepy sounds; ignite Halloween with the incredibly realistic Mini Hanging Flame Light. Get frightfully fun Halloween decorations from SpiritHalloween.com and party like a pro on Halloween.
17 Oct 2012

Feeling groovy? Get in the groove with a Hippie costume – the Harmony Hippie adult women's costume channels flower power and more. Make love, not war when you don the Free Love adult women's costume. No one will protest the Hippy Dippy Man adult men's costume – it's far out! Cut through the purple haze and experience Halloween in a Hippie costume from SpiritHalloween.com.
16 Oct 2012

The details make the difference between a good costume and a great one; make your costume amazing with accessories from SpiritHalloween.com. The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Straw Kit is perfect for crafting a custom costume; the black and purple striped tights are the bee's knees. Arm yourself with a Pirate Sword and fend off troubles real and imagined. You'll have no trouble pulling together the perfect costume when you shop now at SpiritHalloween.com - hurry, supplies are limited!
15 Oct 2012

Transform your home sweet home into a haunted house on Halloween with decorations and more – the Three Piece latex Lawn Zombie Groundbreaker Prop is just the thing to scare up some Halloween fun. Check out the Creepy caretaker Animated Prop – the sound activated creature will strike fear in the hearts of all who cross his path. Get great Halloween decorations from SpiritHalloween.com – buy now.
12 Oct 2012

Take back the night in a Ninja costume from SpiritHalloween.com – practice your killer cool moves in the Stealth Ninja child's costume on Halloween. The awesome Ninja Red Leather costume highlights your martial arts skills while the Ice Dragon Ninja child's costume is a cut above. Distinguish yourself and step out from the shadows on Halloween in a Ninja costume. Get throwing stars, swords and more from SpiritHalloween.com.
11 Oct 2012

Hot dog around on Halloween – when you dress your little one in the adorable Lil' Hot Dog bunting costume the gang will have a ball! Candy lovers will eat up the Sugar Babies bunting infant costume or the cute and clever Tootsie Roll Bunting infant costume. Got a kid who's a real hot tamale – get the Chili Pepper bunting costume to spice things up. SpiritHalloween.com has baby costumes for every kind of kid.
10 Oct 2012

Conjure up an amazing Halloween in a wizard or witch costume – the Playboy Sparkle Witch adult costume is simply magical! He'll eat up the sexy Kandy Korn witch adult costume or perhaps you prefer the Hocus Pocus Witch adult women's costume for something more stylish and sophisticated. Get all kinds of spellbinding witch costumes at SpiritHalloween.com – buy now.
9 Oct 2012

Serve up some Halloween fun when you decorate with the inflatable Skeleton Cooler along with the Pick Your Poison drinking game. The light-up Flashing Skull goblet is sure to attract attention as will the spooky coffin sofa cover. Get frightfully fun Halloween decorations like the Scary Bones pillar candle holder from SpiritHalloween.com and party like a pro on Halloween.
8 Oct 2012

Monkey around on Halloween in a Sock Monkey costume – it's everyone's favorite childhood toy. Toy with his affections when you sport the Ms Sock Monkey adult women's costume or snuggle up in the cozy Sock Monkey adult women's hooded PJs. The Sock Monkey baby costume is cute as can be; boys love the Zombie Sock Monkey costume. Make tracks for SpiritHalloween.com to get your sock monkey costume now.
5 Oct 2012

Whether you are part of the 1% or the 99% you'll want to take from the rich and give to the poor in a sexy Robyn Da Hood adult women's costume – it 's the perfect payback! Don the theatrical quality Racy Robin Hood women's costume and play it any way you want to on Halloween. SpiritHalloween.com has Robin Hood costumes for women and men, boys and girls – even pets!
4 Oct 2012

What's your favorite house – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? Choose your Harry Potter robe costume or don a Harry Potter Quidditch robe and let the games begin - SpiritHalloween.com has Harry Potter costumes for kids and adults. There's even a Harry Potter Death Eater costume along with a frightful Lord Voldemort and Dementors too. Head off to Platform 9 ¾ now!
3 Oct 2012

Play the game any way you want to in the boy's Blood Sport costume – it's fun to look bad on Halloween. You decide just how bad when you don the child's Convict Boy costume and earn your stripes! Will you draw blood in the boy's Vampire costume – maybe! Boys will be boys so let them be as bad as they want to in a boys costume from SpiritHalloween.com.
2 Oct 2012

Make no bones about it – the Skeleton baby costume is cute as can be! Halloween can be spooky but with a baby costume from SpiritHalloween.com everything will be alright. Get the spirit when you dress your little one in the Pumpkin toddler costume or cute Pumpkin Bunting infant costume. They'll eat up the Charlie the Candy Corn Bunting baby costume!
1 Oct 2012

Rev your engines and roar into Halloween in a biker costume. He'll love the Miami Ink Born Free tattoo shirt costume and you'll look smokin' hot in the Betty Boop Biker adult women's costume. Scare up some fun in the Road Lord Gravelord adult men's costume; even little ones can hit the road in the Bikerboy toddler costume. Get biker costumes & more at SpiritHalloween.com.
28 Sep 2012

Scare up some Halloween fun when you decorate indoors and out – the life-sized Stuffed Dummy is just the sort of prop you can go wild with – sit him under the corrugated Haunted Lamppost and craft a spooky scene with the help of the life size Pose N Stay Skeleton –fantastic! Get frightfully fun Halloween decorations from SpiritHalloween.com. Check out the Gigantic Jumping Spider decoration and weave a web of spooky fun.
27 Sep 2012

Maybe you have a show dog or maybe you don't but you can show them all up at the dog park when you dress your four-legged friend in a fabulous Peacock dog costume. Crack up the crowd with the Headless Horseman dog rider costume or the hilarious Bat Dog costume – walking the dog will never be the same again. Make tracks for SpiritHalloween.com to get great pet and dog costumes for your furry friends.
26 Sep 2012

Clean up the compliments when you report for service on Halloween in the classic and very cute Ooo La La Maid adult women's plus size costume. The Five Star Service maid costume will get him thinking - the Dust Bunny costume will make it certain that you'll never do windows again! Get sassy and sexy women's plus size and French Maid costumes at SpiritHalloween.com and sweep into the party with style.
25 Sep 2012

This is the year of the living dead – zombies rule. Get your Zombie Hunter adult men's costume and take charge on Halloween or get the party started in the Zombie Prom Queen adult women's costume. The Walking Dead little Girl Zombie girl's costume will keep you up at night – scare up some Halloween fun in a zombie costume from SpiritHalloween.com. Check out the Walking Dead Teddy Bear Girl animated prop!
24 Sep 2012

Batman is already cool - wait until you see the Batman Zombie deluxe boy's costume – what could be better than a zombie Batman! The Batman Two-Face Harvey Dent child's costume and the Batman Dark knight Bane boys costume are both pretty scary but the Batman Dark Knight light-up boys costume will rule the school. Get your Batman costume at SpiritHalloween.com.
21 Sep 2012

What Halloween critter is the cutest – create a flap when you dress your little one in a Baby Bat baby costume. The Dinky Dragon baby costume is legendary while the Lil Froggy baby costume will surely make a splash on Halloween. Resistance is futile – take the plunge with a cute and clever baby costume from SpiritHalloween.com. Did you see the Star Wars Yoda infant costume – darling!
20 Sep 2012

What's not to love about the Wizard of Oz – Toto in the Basket, Dorothy and the gang. Now you can celebrate with Wizard of Oz Halloween decorations designed to delight and enchant. Cast a spell with the animated Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West or scare up some Halloween fun with the Wicked Witch wall sign or the set of stuffed Witch legs with ruby slippers from SpiritHalloween.com.
19 Sep 2012

When one door closes another opens, especially on Halloween. Decorate your doors and windows with frightfully fun Halloween decorations from SpiritHalloween.com. Check out the spooky Spider double window poster or the amazing Beast Eyes double window poster – wow! Make a statement with the incredible Zombie door cover and beware the bloody bathroom door cover!
18 Sep 2012

Transform yourself in an instant with a mask from SpiritHalloween.com. Red state or blue state you can celebrate or debate with the Big Head Obama mask. It may get your vote – or not! The Zombie Baby mask will take you back to a childhood you wish you never had while the Wolfman mask recalls all the classic black and white horror films of long ago.
17 Sep 2012

Cut through the clutter of ordinary Halloween costumes – the Miss Freddy Krueger adult women's plus size costume is all that and then some. Play it any way you want to in the Batman Harley Quinn adult women's plus size costume – the Batman Miss Joker adult women's plus size costume is no joke –it's hot! Get sassy and sexy plus size costumes at SpiritHalloween.com!
14 Sep 2012

Salute the armed forces and enlist admiration when you don the Desert Dolly adult women's costume. Celebrate the sassy side of the military when you sport the Private Pin-up adult women's costume or the Sexy Army Officer women's costume. Shop SpiritHalloween.com for soldier and military costumes of all ranks for men, boys, women and children.
13 Sep 2012

Marvel Avengers rock – who is your favorite? Maybe you'd like to wear the Avengers Hawkeye muscle chest child's costume or perhaps you'd prefer to make lighting strike in the Thor Avengers classic muscle child's costume. Get the Hulk, Captain America Iron Man and all the best Avengers costumes at SpiritHalloween.com.
12 Sep 2012

Oh baby – what could be cuter than your little one in an adorable baby costume. Is junior a handful – check out the Tiny Tentacles baby costume! The Elvis Bodysuit infant costume is hilarious; the Sesame Street Cookie Monster baby costume is cute enough to eat. Get cute and clever baby costumes and more at SpiritHalloween.com.
11 Sep 2012

Halloween decorations from SpiritHalloween.com. Transform your yard into something special with the Reaper in Carriage Airblown Inflatable – inflatable yard decorations are easy to use because they inflate in minutes yet fold flat for easy storage and that's not hot air!
10 Sep 2012

Celebrate the roaring twenties in a Flirty Flapper adult women's costume or shake things up in a fabulous pink Flapper adult costume. Gents look great in the Vintage Hollywood Tuxedo adult men's costume – get glamour, style and sophistication when you shop SpiritHalloween.com, your source for flapper costumes, gangster costumes and more.
7 Sep 2012

Let your imagination take flight when you decorate with a Zombie Flamingo or break new ground with the 3 piece latex lawn Zombie prop. Shop SpiritHalloween.com for breathtaking outdoor Halloween decorations – inflatables, animated tombstones, fences, archways and more. Check out the Peep 'N Peepers spooky flashing eyes – scary!
6 Sep 2012

You already know you are royalty – let everyone know when you wear the theatrical quality Queen of Hearts adult plus size costume. Perhaps you prefer the Racy Queen of Hearts adult's costume or maybe the Queen of Hearts adult women's costume is more to your liking. The deck is stacked in your favor when you buy a Queen of Hearts costume SpiritHalloween.com – you hold all the cards!
5 Sep 2012

What would Halloween be without a jack o' lantern - scare up some Halloween fun when you decorate with the incredible animated Rising Reaper with Pumpkin. This sound activated creature startles all who encounter him as he pops up bearing a spooky pumpkin. Choose from all kinds of amazing Halloween decorations, props, party supplies and more. Shop SpiritHalloween.com!
4 Sep 2012

Get ready for a Halloween adventure when you don an officially licensed Adventure Time costume – check out the Adventure Time Finn child's costume or perhaps you'd prefer to morph into Jake? The Jake the Dog boy's costume is just the thing. Get Adventure Time costumes, hats and accessories for boys, girls and grown ups at SpiritHalloween.com.
3 Sep 2012

What's bugging you? Everyone will love your little love bug in the Itty Bitty Lady Bug baby costume – it's cute as a bug's ear. Everything's coming up roses when your little one dons the Baby Blossom infant costume. Make a stink – get the Lil' Skunk infant costume and prowl the neighborhood - find adorable baby costumes and more at SpiritHalloween.com.
31 Aug 2012

Transform your home or yard into a haunted house with the Cemetery gateway – it stands a full seven feet tall and makes a most impressive entrance. Set the scene for Halloween fun when you decorate indoors and out with Halloween decorations from SpiritHalloween.com. The Deady Bear animated decoration is frightfully fun – check it out!
30 Aug 2012

The details make the difference between a good costume and a great one. Conceal your identity and complete your transformation with a top quality mask. The Batman Dark Knight Bane adult mask is a shining example while the Pumpkin Animotion mask conjures up a fearsome creature imagined only in nightmares. Prowl the party in the Lone Werewolf mask and mark your territory in a mask from SpiritHalloween.com.
29 Aug 2012

Tombstones and fences transform any yard into a haunted cemetery in minutes. Get your graveyard together in no time when you shop SpiritHalloween.com - your source for Halloween decorations, party supplies and more. Get religion with the Cross Pillar tombstone or send a spooky message with the Reaper resin tombstone; fence things in or out with the Skull posts 3-piece fence set.
28 Aug 2012

Powerpuff Girls rock – choose your favorite at SpiritHalloween.com. Buttercup is the tomboy of the Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles is the cute one and Blossom is "the smart one" and self-proclaimed leader of the Powerpuff Girls. Lead the way in a Powerpuff Girls costume. Get Powerpuff Girls socks, totes, costume and more.
27 Aug 2012

Remember frightful tale of the headless horseman – make it real when you decorate with the incredibly realistic Headless Horseman illuminated prop – it stands a full six feet tall and bears a lit pumpkin in one hand and a bloody axe in the other. You'll have your hands full when you shop SpiritHalloween.com for amazing Halloween decorations, props, party supplies and more – get started now!
23 Aug 2012

Boys will be boys – why get a complicated costume when you can slip into something comfortable and easy to wear like the amazing Superman muscle chest boy's caped tee. Big boys like the easy way out as well – check out the Batman caped tee adult men's costume. Get caped socks and caped tee costumes at only at SpiritHalloween.com and take it easy on Halloween.
22 Aug 2012

Is your little one a real handful – play it up when you outfit the little monster in a Pinky Winky Monster infant's costume – it's cute as can be. The Lil Monster baby costume is another cute critter – check it out at SpiritHalloween.com. Find imaginary monster costumes like the Monster toddler costume or the Monster Boo baby costume – CUTE!
21 Aug 2012

Are you a fan of Walking Dead or do you just like scary things? Either way you won't be able to live without the Walking Dead Teddy Bear Girl animated prop – she's got the pink bunny slippers and the plush bunny but she is just not right – maybe the bloody robe and the zombie shuffle are the tip-off. Get Walking dead Halloween decorations, costumes and more at SpiritHalloween.com.
20 Aug 2012

Theatrical quality costumes are all about the details – distinguish yourself and assume an alternate identity on Halloween in a theatrical quality costume from SpiritHalloween.com. Put on a show in The Grand Heritage Sequin Starlet adult costume or step out in style in the Can Can Cutie adult women's costume and take center stage on Halloween.
17 Aug 2012

Halloween decorations run the gamut from frightful to classic – step it up a notch with some Halloween Sheer Gothic decorative fabric and transform your home into a haunted mansion. The Hanging Gothic Chandelier or the LED Skull Candelabra prop add drama and class to your haunted house. SpiritHalloween.com is your source for Halloween decorations, party supplies and more.
16 Aug 2012

Graduate with honors when you wear a Monster High costume! Make a splash in the Lagoona Blue girl's costume or go to the head of the class in a Monster High Frankie Stein deluxe girl's costume. SpiritHalloween.com has your favorite costume - Operetta, Spectra Vondergeist, Clawdeen and more – rule the school!
15 Aug 2012

It was a dark and stormy night – that's how most scary stories begin; scare up some Halloween fun when you step up your decorations with a fog machine. Create a moody atmosphere with the 1000 watt Fog Machine or get the party started with the Bubble Fogger machine. Decorate in every dimension with a fog machine from SpiritHalloween.com.
14 Aug 2012

Be a part of the Avengers and stop evil Loki from controlling the world. Suit up in a Marvel Avengers Captain America classic muscle child's costume, take to the streets in a Hulk Avengers classic muscle child's costume or hit your mark in a Hawkeye costume. Get Marvel Avengers costumes only at SpiritHalloween.com.
13 Aug 2012

It's a zoo out there – capture the fun when you dress your little one in the darling Lil' Lion Infant costume or monkey around the neighborhood in the Lil' Monkey infant costume; make a splash with the Silly Shark baby costume. Get great baby costumes at SpiritHalloween.com and check out the Zany Zoo Keeper costume too.
10 Aug 2012

Are you a prisoner to boring Halloween decorations? Get animated and experience amazing Halloween decorations from SpiritHalloween.com. Check out the Electrocuted Prisoner decoration for high voltage fun; there's no place like home when you decorate with the Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West…
9 Aug 2012

You mother always wanted you to be a doctor – doctor up her plans when you don the hilarious Dr. Shots women's plus size costume or just play doctor in the Emergency Room Surgeon adult costume. Need a prescription for a great Halloween costume? Check out SpiritHalloween.com
8 Aug 2012

M&Ms may be America's favorite candy – choose your favorite M&M costume from SpiritHalloween.com and celebrate candy. Frisky folks like the M&M green tank dress adult Friendly fans prefer the Blue M&M poncho teen costume. Haul all your treats in the M&M Peanut Candy Bag on Halloween.
7 Aug 2012

Decorate with style on Halloween – serve them from the In My Veins liquid drink dispenser and then offer up some a Pizza Face latex prop – you won't have to worry about leftovers! They'll look twice before they take a sip from the light-up Flashing Skull Goblet; bowl them over with Halloween party supplies from SpiritHalloween.com.
6 Aug 2012

Man's best friend is always by your side, even on Halloween. Dress your pet for trick or treat and have fun. SpiritHalloween.com has hilarious pet costumes that will make an impression. Ride herd on the neighborhood in this Cowboy Dog Rider pet costume, climb the walls in the Spiderman pet costume or break out in the Prisoner pet costume.
3 Aug 2012

Alice in Wonderland had all sorts of things going on. Get it on in an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter teen costume and race to the party – it won't matter if you're late! Make them smile in the adorable Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat adult costume or make them crazy in the Storybook Alice tween girls costume; get Alice, the Red Queen, the Mad hatter and more at SpiritHalloween.com.
2 Aug2012

You know how almost every horror movie starts with the babysitter left home alone – make it real when you babysit for a Zombie Baby®! Adopt your very own Zombie Babies® for a frightfully fun Halloween. SpiritHalloween.com is your only place to get a Wiggler Zombie Baby® Prop, the Snack Time Zombie Baby® prop and more.
1 Aug2012

Gamers know where it's at - guys fight to wear the Mortal Kombat Scorpion adult costume while gals want to be Mortal Kombat's Kitana or Mileena. Maybe you're more of an Angry Birds type – get your game on in an Angry Birds costume SpiritHalloween.com. The Angry Birds yellow infant costume is a total hoot!
31 July 2012

Tired of seeing all those sweet little things on Halloween – bigger is better - blow them away in a plus-size costume from SpiritHalloween.com Check out the Playboy pink sexy Girlfriend adult women's plus size costume or perhaps you prefer the flirty Blow My Whistle adult women's plus size costume. Spirit has plus size costumes covered.
30 July 2012

Carve the perfect pumpkin with a pumpkin carving kit from SpiritHalloween.com. Spirit has everything but the pumpkins! You'll love the Scary Flashing Eyeballs and the amazing Pumpkin Strobe light. Kids love creating their own special jack 'o lantern and they can do so safely with a Disney Princess or Star Wars Pumpkin Carving Kit.
27 July 2012

They'll be in stitches when your little girl wears a crafty and cute Lalaloopsy costume for Halloween. Get the Lalaloopsy Mittens N Fluff deluxe toddler costume or she can show up in the Spot Spatter Splash child's costume. SpiritHalloween.com has lots of Lalaloopsy costumes – check out the adorable Lalaloopsy Pillow Featherbed deluxe toddler costume too!
26 July 2012

Winnie the Pooh is everyone's favorite! Have a honey of a Halloween when you dress your little one in a Disney Winnie the Pooh plush baby costume. Got twins? Go for the Disney Winnie the Pooh Tigger and Eeyore costumes. Find all of your favorite Disney Winnie the Pooh baby costumes at SpiritHalloween.com.
25 July 2012

Rise from the darkness – there can only be one Batman but when you want Batman costumes you'll find them at SpiritHalloween.com. Let your imagination take flight in the Batman The Dark Knight muscle chest adult costume; kids love the classic Batman Brave and Bold deluxe child's costume while ladies live for the DC Comics Batgirl adult costume.
24 July 2012

Give a hoot on Halloween – dress your little one in the darling What a Hoot baby costume and swoop through the neighborhood. Celebrate Harry Potter with the Hedwig the Owl child's costume and send a message that reading is fun. Dress your critter in an adorable baby animal costume from SpiritHalloween.com.
23 July 2012

Girls rock! Who doesn't secretly want to be a pop star? Let your inner star out when you take the stage in the California Girl adult costume or party all night long and discover the dark side when you don the Rehab. Get rock, pop, hip hop and punk costumes at SpiritHalloween.com.
20 July 2012

There is one doll who should really never be played with and he is Chucky. It's child's play getting a costume when you go for one of the creepiest characters of all time – cut through the clutter in the Chucky adult costume or keep it simple with a Chucky mask. The Sexy Chucky adult women's costume is a sight for sore eyes…
19 July 2012

It's not easy being green unless you are wearing the Muppets Kermit the Frog baby costume! Get Muppets costumes for babies, kids and at adults at SpiritHalloween.com and celebrate character. Find Gonzo, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Miss Piggy and more- it's all good. Fraggle Rock fans will love the Wembly, Red Fraggle and Mokey costumes!
18 July 2012

The most gracious Halloween hostess serves up party treat and more in style – everything tastes better in a Bleeding Zombie Head bowl! Bowl them over with Halloween party supplies from SpiritHalloween.com. They'll look twice before they take a sip from the Toxic ceramic pint glass and cut back on the snacks when they see a severed finger or two amongst the chips!
17 July 2012

Part of Halloween is the act of deception – transform yourself in an instant with a full or half mask and create a new persona for one night. Find scary masks, funny masks, classic character masks and more at SpiritHalloween.com. Support or sass the candidate of your choice or celebrate celebrity in a television or movie mask – take a bite out of Halloween in the Hannibal Lecter deluxe mask!
16 July 2012

Color outside the lines on Halloween in a cute Crayola crayon costume from SpiritHalloween.com. Dress your budding artist in the Crayola Crayon Tickle Me Pink baby Bunting costume or create your own work of art when you wear the Crayola Crayon Blue adult costume. Find colorful Crayola crayon costumes in a rainbow of colors and make your mark on Halloween.
13 July 2012

It's a jungle out there – tame Halloween with a baby costume that's cute, comfortable and safe. The Lil Skunk costume is cute as can be for your little stinker; put on a display when you dress your little one in the clever Baby Peacock baby costume or hop on down to SpiritHalloween.com for a Lil Bunny infant costume complete with carrot – cute!
12 July 2012

KISS rocks – you know the band; you love the band – now be the band in an officially licensed KISS costume from SpiritHalloween.com. The Kiss Rock the Nation Starchild costume is authentic in every way; get your little one on the right track in a KISS Tiny Tikes Demon baby costume. Get KISS makeup, KISS shoes, KISS masks and more and rock Halloween.
11 July 2012

Perhaps you wish to serve a special brew on Halloween or maybe you'd just like to celebrate Oktoberfest – whatever you care to quaff he'll drink it all up when you don the Sexy Gretchen Peasant Dress adult women's costume or serve it up with a smile in the Oktoberfest Girl adult women's costume. In a cute brew fest costume from SpiritHalloween.com you get to call all the shots.
10 July 2012

Take it outside – expand your Halloween celebration to the great outdoors with an Airblown inflatable. The Airblown Giant Vampire stands a full twelve feet tall –he's sure to encourage participation in the next blood drive. Guests will enter in amazement when they walk through the Airblown inflatable Archway with Grim Reaper – and that's not hot air! Get Halloween Airblown inflatables at SpiritHalloween.com.
9 July 2012

Light up the room! When your little one arrives in the Pink Fairy light up costume the effect is magical. Bewitch them all when she dons the orange and black Pretty Witch light-up girl's costume and conjures up some Halloween fun. SpiritHalloween.com has illuminating costume ideas for kids of all ages so there's no reason to be afraid of the dark on Halloween.
6 July 2012

This little baby is cute enough to eat! Eat up the compliments and savor the smiles when you dress your little one in the classic Tootsie Roll Baby Bunting infant's costume or milk it for all its worth when you outfit junior in the adorable Cozy Cow infant costume. Find plenty of clever, cute and comfortable baby costumes at SpiritHalloween.com.
5 July 2012

Raise some hell on Halloween when you don the horror movie classic Clive Barker's Hellraiser Pinhead child's costume. Lead Cenobite Pinhead is demon to some, angel to others. Direct from the Labyrinth, it can only be Pinhead. What's your pleasure, sir? Please yourself and scare everyone else with Hellraiser costumes from SpiritHalloween.com.
4 July 2012

It's fun to play games, especially when you get to make the rules! The adult women's Sassy Twister costume will have his head spinning and you get to determine the winning moves. The clever purse is styled like a Twister spinner and the dress is the board. Get your game on in a fun and flirty costume from SpiritHalloween.com.
3 July 2012

Fans of Halloween know the Halloween film franchise is where it's at. Celebrate the face and the force of pure evil when you include the life-sized Michael Myers Animatronic figure in your Halloween décor. He moves his head, arms and bloody knife-wielding hand to the movie score – look out! Scare up some Halloween fun at SpiritHalloween.com.
2 July 2012

Which Halloween party supplies are wicked enough for your haunted house? The Spirit Halloween exclusive LED Skull Candelabra Prop is just the thing to scare up some Halloween fun; add an animated Rat in Candy Bowl serving vessel and the screams will add just the right touch. Anyone still standing will enjoy the Spooky Beer Bottle labels – stock up on Halloween party supplies at SpiritHalloween.com
29 June 2012

You'll be too cool for school in a Monster High costume from SpirtHalloween.com. Pick your favorite – the Monster High Frankie Stein girl's costume is the bomb but maybe you're feeling more like Lagoona Blue. Claw your way to the top in a Monster High Clawdeen Wolf costume or graduate with honors in the pretty pink and black Draculaura costume. Get a Monster High bag to haul your Halloween stuff.
28 June 2012

Two heads are better than one – get a great couples costume at SpiritHalloween.com and have twice the fun. He can get religion in the Happy Priest costume while you wear the Sexy Nun adult women's costume. Get the goods when he dons the adult men's Gangster costume and you go as the Hit Girl or maybe you'd like to be the "it" girl in a fabulous red flapper costume.
27 June 2012

Choose your weapon – as a superhero you ARE the weapon! Who will you be on Halloween? Roll out in the Transformers Optimus Prime deluxe child's costume or light up the room in the Iron Man Mark 7 Avengers Classic Muscle child's costume. Climb the walls in a Spiderman movie classic muscle costume or live large in the amazing Hulk Avengers classic muscle costume. SpiritHalloween.com has superhero costumes that kick butt.
26 June 2012

You think it's hard getting a baby sitter? It's impossible with the Teether Zombie Baby Prop. The Wiggler Zombie Baby Prop is a real handful too and the Creeping Tommy Zombie Baby Prop will keep you on your toes! Pen them in with the Gothic looking Fences and Posts set for a captivating Halloween. SpiritHalloween.com is your Zombie Baby Prop headquarters – adopt one today.
25 June 2012

What do you want to be when you grow up? Perhaps a pirate's life is the one for you – try it on Halloween in a theatrical quality deluxe Pirate Wench costume or kick up your heels in a Can Can Cutie adult women's costume. You can be whatever you want in a costume from SpiritHalloween.com be bad and look good in the Iron Man 2 Black Widow adult women's costume.
21 June 2012

Oh baby! SpiritHalloween.com has the best baby costumes ever. Let your little one walk the neighborhood in a Where the Wild Things Are Deluxe Max baby costume or hot dog around in the cute enough to eat Hot Dog baby bunting infant costume. Make like a bunny and hop to it – the Wee Rabbit baby costume and the Lil Teddy Bear infant costume won't last. Make lasting memories with a baby costume from Spirit Halloween.
20 June 2012

What's your favorite day of the year besides Halloween? Friday the 13th! Get Friday the 13th movie costumes and more at SpiritHalloween.com and give Jason Voorhees all you've got. From Camp Crystal lake to your front yard the Friday the 13th Jason Airblown inflatable makes ghost stories seem tame; cut through the costume clutter in the Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees deluxe adult costume
19 June 2012

Hungering for a great Halloween costume? Get the goods at SpiritHalloween.com – find Hunger Games movie costumes and make your tribute. Check out the Hunger Games movie prop black and gray hooded jacket costume or perfect your aim with the Cupid Bow & arrow set. Scare up some Halloween fu when you decorate with the eye-popping Arrow through Head Hanging Prop and hit your mark.
18 June 2012

Shake things up with the Thrashing Zombie Animated Prop – he's the life of the party! When you need a fog machine, a remote controlled bat or a life size coffin you need SpiritHalloween.com. From spider webs to cemetery arches Spirit Halloween has the scary stuff designed to transform your home sweet home into a haunted house of horrors. Don't forget to decorate the yard with an Airblown inflatable or two.
15 June 2012

Great Father's Day gift ideas are on tap at SpiritHalloween.com. Father's Day is June 17 – is your Dad worthy of the Beer Man plus size costume or is the Beer Keg adult costume more his style? If Dad's more of an Old Milwaukee kind of guy he'll love the Old Milwaukee Can men's costume but whatever the brew he quaffs there's always a call for a 72" Beer Bong!
14 June 2012

Feel like a princess on Halloween in a princess costume from SpiritHalloween.com. The Disney Princess Aurora classic child costume brings a fairy tale to life; light up the room in a Crystal Princess Twinkle child's costume for a magical evening. Why wait for Prince Charming when you can entertain plenty of princes in stunningly beautiful theatrical quality Enchanting Princess adult women's costume and reign supreme.
13 June 2012

It takes muscle to defend the world against disaster. When Loki and his cohorts threaten global security the Avengers initiative begins – join the team in an Avengers Captain America child's muscle costume or suit up in an Iron Man Mark 7 child's muscle costume; Dad can don the Iron Man Classic deluxe muscle costume. Might makes right on Halloween – get your muscle at SpiritHalloween.com.
12 June 2012

Celebrate Flag Day on June 14 and show your patriotic spirit. Girls love the Betsy Ross child's costume; men and boys can dress as Uncle Sam and salute our great land. The patriotic 50's glasses are a total hoot and what's not to love about the Lady Gaga American Flag outfit costume – wear it if you dare! Salute the red, white and blue in a patriotic costume from SpiritHalloween.com.
11 June 2012

July 2012 has one Friday the 13th! Superstitious? Even if you're not it's fun to celebrate the legendary Friday the 13th movie franchise. Check out the Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Airblown inflatable decoration or the Jason Hockey Mask knit beanie – cool. Get all your Friday the 13th stuff at SpiritHalloween.com
8 June 2012

Show your patriotic spirit on July 4th when you party or parade in an Uncle Sam adult men's costume. Dress the kids too – check out the Betsy Ross and Uncle Sam child's costumes and celebrate the red, white and blue. For a different perspective you can even don the Peace Sign glasses! Get patriotic at SpiritHalloween.com.
7 June 2012

June brings weddings and graduations – celebrate just because in the PH Darling adult women's costume and show him exactly what you learned in school - it won't take a degree to figure out you mean business! Costumes are fun any time of the year; wear them to party and play. Get your game on at SpiritHalloween.com.
6 June 2012

Father's Day is June 17 – is your Dad worthy of the Beer Man plus size costume or is the Beer Keg adult costume more his style? If Dad's more of an Old Milwaukee kind of guy he'll love the Old Milwaukee Can men's costume but whatever the brand there's always a call for a 72" Beer Bong! Great Father's Day gift ideas are on tap at SpiritHalloween.com
5 June 2012

Celebrate Flag Day on June 14 and show your patriotic spirit. Girls love the Betsy Ross child's costume; men and boys can dress as Uncle Sam and salute our great land. The patriotic 50's glasses are a total hoot and what's not to love about the Lady Gaga American Flag outfit costume – wear it if you dare!
28 May2012

Tired of always being a bridesmaid and never a bride? June means more weddings and brides – shake it up with a Marry Me Dead zombie bride costume or celebrate south of the border style with the Skeleton Bride adult women's costume. Why re-use that bridesmaid's dress when you can party in a scary bride costume from SpiritHalloween.com.
21 May2012

May 28 is Memorial Day – kick off the summer with a luau! Do it any way you want to in a natural grass skirt; she'll look great in the coconut bra and what's not to love about the Macho Maui man adult costume. SpiritHalloween.com has summer costumes, party supplies and more.
14 May2012

Graduation time is upon us – show them you've got your degree in partying when you wear the PH Darling adult women's costume complete with Honor Roll gold sash! Don the adult men's Wizard Academy costume and some magic of your own. The costume includes glasses so you look smart and a magic wand so you can do just about anything and get away with it.
7 May2012

Memorial Day is just around the corner – get ready to picnic and party in an adult Hot Dog costume! SpiritHalloween.com has parade-worthy Memorial Day and patriotic costumes aplenty – check out the Uncle Sam adult costume; kids love the Uncle Sam child costume! Salute America and the red, white and blue.
2 May2012

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo south of the border style in a hilarious adult Taco costume – you add the hot sauce! Don a Three Amigos Sombrero hat or show up in the Tequila Pop'n Dude adult costume and party like a pro. Get your Cinco de Mayo costume at SpiritHalloween.com. Ole!
23 April 2012

What better way to enjoy the Kentucky Derby on May 5th than in costume – party in style in a sassy adult women's Equestrienne costume from SpiritHalloween.com. A tip of the derby hat to the lass who dons the Southern Belle adult costume for drinks on the veranda – she's a sure thing!
17 April 2012

April showers do bring May flowers but until then, why not celebrate Hawaiian-style and have a luau? SpiritHalloween.com has bloomin' fabulous luau costumes from a natural grass adult skirt to a blue floral lei. Shake it up in a coconut bra top or an adult orange hula mini skirt and temperatures will rise!
9 April 2012

Earth Day is April 22 – celebrate in an Oscar the Grouch adult costume complete with trash can and organize a neighborhood clean-up. Party or protest in a Hazmat Hazard adult men's costume or start your own boycott in the BP Bad Planning adult costume. Clean up or check out in an Earth Day costume from SpiritHalloween.com
2 April 2012

Hop on down the bunny trail in a parade-quality Easter Bunny costume - the Bunny Mascot adult costume is designed for repeated use and is ideal for Easter pageants, parades and photos. Get egg-xactly what you need at SpiritHalloween.com where you'll find Easter costumes for baby bunnies too – the Lil' Bunny infant costume is simply adorable!
26 March 2012

Light up the room in a Statue of Liberty costume – celebrate independence in the Miss Liberty adult women's costume – he'll be sure to carry a torch for you! Make a statement at tax time or just party with pride in a Statue of Liberty women's costume that guarantees you life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Get the spirit at SpiritHalloween.com.
19 March 2012

Think big in a premium white Bunny mascot-quality adult costume. Suit up for the big Easter Egg Hunt, the Easter parade, the perfect family portrait or the holiday pageant in this professional looking costume! Hop on down to SpiritHalloween.com for the premium Gray Bunny mascot-quality adult, the deluxe adult Easter Bunny costume, giant faux carrot and more.
12 March 2012

Get your game on in a March Madness costume! Got game? Get it on with the hilarious Super Hoops costume or shoot for the moon in an official Semi Pro Jackie Moon B-Ball uniform costume that's sure to score points! The boys will jump through hoops when you sport the sexy Marsha Madness Basketball adult women's costume – get your game on at SpiritHalloween.com
5 March 2012

Everybody loves some bunny sometime – you'll love the Precious Pink Wabbit infant costume at first sight! Get the spirit with a pink and white Create a Bunny costume and have a hopping good time, anytime. SpiritHalloween.com has bunny costumes and Easter costumes galore – everything from sexy bunny costumes to cute bunny costumes and more!
27 Feb 2012

Get ready for Easter – dress your little one in an adorable Lil Bunny infant costume for a hopping good time. Crack up friends and family at the Easter Egg Hunt – the cute as can be Lil Chickie infant costume is hard to beat. Take pictures and make memories to treasure forever when you dress your child in an Easter costume from SpiritHalloween.com.
20 Feb 2012

Get lucky on St. Patty's Day – stand out in the crowd with green hairspray! You'll be the life of the party and everyone's best friend at the bar in the clever deluxe Leprechaun adult men's costume. Make it clear you know what lies at the end of the rainbow when you don the sassy Clover Leprechaun woman's costume and show off your lucky charms! Go green at SpiritHalloween.com.
13 Feb 2012

Make history in an authentic Abe Lincoln adult men's costume or declare a proclamation in a George Washington men's costume. Presidents' Day is Monday, February 20, 2012; SpiritHalloween.com has presidential costumes plus Barack Obama masks along with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush masks, masks of presidential contenders and more. Perfect for holiday festivities, historical reenactments, plays and parades.
6 Feb 2012

Everyone's Irish on St. Patty's Day, especially when they don a costume from SpiritHallowen.com. Enjoy the luck of the Irish in a sassy Gretchen adult women's costume or a Charmed & Lucky leprechaun costume – someone's sure to get lucky on St. Patty's Day so it might as well be you! Get a Lucky leprechaun Kit just to be sure.
30 Jan 2012

Lay down the law on Valentine's Day in a sexy Valentine's costume from SpiritHalloween.com Break all the rules in the Dirty Cop plus size costume or get down and dirty in the adult women's sexy cop costume. The Spirit Exclusive Zip it Up costume with have him ready for a total body pat-down! Why be nice when you can be naughty – it's fun to be bad on Valentine's Day!
23 Jan 2012

It's never too early to plan for March Madness! Dribble with style in a Harlem Globetrotters adult men's costume or mock the ball with a Semi-Pro Jackie Moon B-Ball uniform adult men's costume. Got game? Get it with the hilarious Super Hoops costume! SpiritHalloween.com has a Marsha Madness Basketball adult women's costume that will have the fellows jumping through hoops for a closer look. Get your game on!
16 Jan 2012

Mardi Gras, "Fat Tuesday", is the last day of the Carnival Season – this year it's February 21st. Reign supreme in a Mardi Gras King adult men's costume or rule with beauty and grace in a festive green, black, gold and purple Mardi Gras Queen adult women's costume. Find harlequin and jester costumes along with Mardi Gras beads and masks at SpiritHalloween.com and celebrate like they do in New Orleans – with style!
10 Jan 2012

Light a fire for Valentine's Day when your wear the black lace-up corset – he'll be all thumbs! Clean up the compliments when you pretend to clean house in a sassy French Maid costume or put on a special bedroom show in a Burlesque Baby or Cabaret adult women's costume – he'll see red! Heat it up on Valentine's Day with a sexy costume from SpiritHalloween.com.
3 Jan 2012

Chinese New Year begins January 23; this is a Dragon year, the most auspicious animal of the Chinese calendar. The Dragon Saurous toddler costume or Dinky Dragon baby costume portends good luck and smiles to all who behold them while the Ni Hao, Kai-Lan costume celebrates Chinese culture and values. Dragon tattoo sleeves are fun for kids of all ages. Find dragon Ninja costumes and more at SpiritHalloween.com.
26 Dec 2011

Welcome the New Year with a festive black sparkle top hat and party in style! The New Year's top hat glasses will have all eyes on you – top off your outfit with a black sequin top hat, toss out silvery strands of party beads and make a resolution to have fun! Get New Year's Eve costumes and party supplies at SpiritHalloween.com.
19 Dec 2011

Who wants to trim the tree? It's easy when you wear the Christmas Tree adult costume or you could just act Buddy the Elf in an official costume. Liven up the holidays in a funny Christmas costume – perfect for office parties, family photos and just for fun. Get the Rudolph Antler and Nose set for a party on the go – check out the Christmas costumes at SpiritHallowen.com.
12 Dec 2011

Skate in to the holidays in style in the Sleigh Belle adult women's costume- it may be cold outside but you'll be toasty in this hot outfit - you provide all the heat and he'll run right over to warm his hands! Look good and be a little bit bad in this sexy Sleigh Belle costume that let's you decide to be naughty or nice. Stuff your stocking with festive Christmas costumes from SpiritHalloween.com.
5 Dec 2011

Christmas is coming – celebrate with an Airblown inflatable yard decoration – so much easier than stringing up lights. The Airblown inflatable Santa with Penguins on a sled is super fun and the giant Santa Hat inflatable is almost like a Christmas card for your yard! Make sure Santa stops at your house – wave him down with an Airblown inflatable standing Santa. Get inflatable Christmas decorations and more at SpiritHalloween.com.
28 Nov 2011

Score a touchdown when you suit up to watch the game in a clever football costume – the little quarterback can wear the Football Player bunting costume. He'll cheer when you wear the sexy Football dress costume and he may even hand over the remote! Wear the Football to hat celebrates team spirit, football and fall – get your game on in a fun football costume from SpiritHalloween.com.
21 Nov 2011

Hanukkah is coming – get ready in a funny Rabbi adult costume and get down – the Jewish version of dreadlocks are payis and we've got a Rabbi costume that includes the long black coat, the white fringed scarf, the black hat with attached payis and a beard – all you need is a little chutzpah! Get holiday costumes of all kinds at SpiritHalloween.com.
14 Nov 2011

Welcome Thanksgiving with an Airblown inflatable Turkey yard decoration and harvest compliments or just scamper through the neighborhood in a giant squirrel costume. Dress your little one in the adorable Lil Gobbler baby costume for memorable pictures to treasure or get everyone in the family to don a Roasted Turkey hat for a hilarious family photo. Pilgrim, you need to venture to SpiritHalloween.com for a bounty of Thanksgiving costumes
7 Nov 2011

Martial arts fans kick butt and take names on Halloween in officially licensed MMA and WWE costumes. SpiritHalloween.com has them all, from Stone Cold Steve Austin to the Iron Sheik and even Hulk Hogan. Take your rightful place amongst the heroes when you don the UFC Champion belt and give Rowdy Roddy Piper a run for the money. Get ready for a smackdown!
2 Nov 2011

There's no place like home, there's no place like home – except when you need a great Halloween costume; then there's no place like SpiritHalloween.com! Find Wizard of Oz costumes and click your red Dorothy glitter shoes three times; anything can happen! Look out for the Wicked of Oz Flying Monkey costume – its killer cool and quite scary; check out the classic Dorothy Wizard of Oz adult costume for a magical Halloween.
31 Oct 2011

What's red and white and cute all over? A rag doll costume from SpiritHalloween.com! Create your own version of a storybook tale in the playful teen Rag Doll costume or play house in the Darling Dolly adult women's costume. The child's Rag Doll wig is just the thing to complete your very special favorite rag doll costume, especially when you dress your pet in a Ragdoll pet costume – woof!
1 Nov 2011

Are you a little angel or a little devil? Darned if we know for sure but we do know the Here Comes Trouble infant costume is cute as can be! Mix it up and keep him guessing when you party all night long in the amazing Hellen Back reversible adult women's costume. He'll have to decide if you've been bad or good. Visit SpiritHalloween.com for a red-hot Halloween!
28 Oct 2011

Deadly divas do it right – the sexy Chucky adult women's costume will cut through the Halloween clutter. Tear it up in the Miss Freddy Krueger adult women's plus size costume & you will make the cut in the Miss Scissorhands adult women's costume. Celebrate bad girls in a good way in a sassy and oh so evil costume from SpiritHalloween.com. It's great to be bad!
27 Oct 2011

Tattoos and trouble seem to go hand in hand – so why not be bad in a Miami Ink Born Free Tattoo shirt costume or make your mark on Halloween when you sport the Spiky Biker Kit complete with facial hair! Shake things up with black studded fingerless gloves and roll into the party biker-style wearing the Skull Pirate ring. Rev your engines at SpiritHalloween.com
26 Oct 2011

Celebrate fairy attitude and whimsical style in a mystical fairy costume by fantasy artist Amy Brown. Known for her imaginative and inspired artwork, Amy Brown's magical faery costumes awaken the inner sprite in every girl. The Beaux Faery costume is artfully fabulous while the fiery hot Amy Brown Devil Fairy costume will incite and delight. Get exclusive Amy Brown fairy costumes at SpiritHalloween.com.
25 Oct 2011

Feeling hungry? Hot dog on Halloween in an adult Hot Dog costume – it's a real "wiener"; go south of the border in an adult Taco costume or crack up the crowd in the classic yellow banana adult's costume – the Bacon and Egg couples costume is a diner's delight! It's all in good fun and maybe even good for you when you stock up on food and beverage costumes from SpiritHalloween.com.
24 Oct 2011

There are sexy nuns and naughty nuns and nasty nuns – get the habit at SpiritHalloween.com and determine what religious order you wish to portray on Halloween. Convert him to your faithful acolyte in the Sexy Nun adult women's costume - he'll worship the ground you walk on so prepare for a lot to talk about in confession. We're not sure how many Hail Mary's will be required but make it worth it!
21 Oct 2011

Channel your inner flapper and flirt shamelessly when you shake and shimmy the night away in the Pink Flapper adult costume or the Flirty Flapper women's costume. Speakeasies, jazz clubs, cigarettes and dancing - all this bad behavior plus dating and drinking add up to a great time on Halloween or any time! Bring back the days of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald in a flapper costume from SpiritHalloween.com.
20 Oct 2011

Break out the disco ball – there's gonna be a party tonight! The Disco man adult men's costume will raise the Saturday night fever; watch her shake things up in the Disco Diva plus size adult women's costume. Get your moves down, get your go-go boots and disco costumes at SpiritHalloween.com and get the party started on Halloween!
19 Oct 2011

Work it, girl! Make Halloween pay off in a big way when you wear an occupational costume from SpiritHalloween.com. Fly high in the Captain Layover adult women's costume or clean up in the Playboy sexy French Maid adult women's costume; it's all play and no work for you! Heat things up in the Red Hot Flirty Firefighter costume for a smokin' Halloween!
18 Oct 2011

Will you be Thing 1 or 2 or perhaps just see if Horton hears a Who? SpiritHalloween.com has Dr. Seuss costumes for kids of all ages – the Cat in the Hat toddler costume is a classic; the Thing 1 and Thing 2 Laplander hat is favorite of hipsters and teens. For an easy and fun costume, don the Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat velvet adult hat and show your true stripes.
17 Oct 2011

What's scarier than the Scream Killer? A kid in a Bleeding Scream Child Costume. Figure out who's next on your hit list in an official Scream movie costume, complete with tattered hooded and legendary Ghost face mask. SpiritHalloween.com even has the perfect fake bloody knife to accompany your Scream costume – just be sure to get rid of it before they can link the crime to you.
14 Oct 2011

Need a fast and easy costume – get a mask! Transform yourself in minutes with a mask. For a total transformation check out the brown Werewolf Ani-motion mask – the mouth and lips move when you do! Winning is guaranteed when you wear the Charlie Sheen mask or you can just monkey around in a hilarious Chimp mask. You've got Halloween covered with a mask from SpiritHalloween.com.
13 Oct 2011

Boris Karloff brought the character of Frankenstein to life - now you can bring him home! Outfit the party or your personal mad scientist laboratory with the life-sized motion-activated Frankenstein animated prop and begin your experiments. The green man-made monster towers over the crowd - standing six and a half feet tall, he's sure to make an impression. Get animated props, creepy decor and a whole lot more at SpiritHalloween.com.
12 Oct 2011

Channel your super powers in a Marvel Comics superhero costume. The Spiderman adult men's costume is comfortable and easy to wear; the Marvel X-Men adult Wolverine costume will let you mutate into a new persona on Halloween and lead the X-Force to certain victory. Get Hulk costumes, Captain America costumes, Spiderman costumes and more at SpiritHalloween.com.
11 Oct 2011

It's a jungle out there! Tame the wild beast and dress your little one in a clever and cute critter costume from SpiritHalloween.com – the Lil' Lion infant costume is king of the jungle and the party; monkeyshines are a sure thing when you dress junior in the cute Lil' Monkey infant costume. Everyone loves a little stinker – check out the adorable Lil' Skunk infant costume!
10 Oct 2011

What's bugging you? The boy's will be all over you when you wear the Lucky Lady Bug Pixie plus size adult women's costume – and you'll have all the luck! Create a buzz in the sexy Daisy Bee adult costume for a honey of a Halloween. Discover all sorts of costumes inspired by the birds and the bees at SpiritHalloween.com – pollinate the party in a pretty costume and see what develops!
7 Oct 2011

Celebrate Kate Perry – have your cake and eat it too in the officially licensed Katie Perry Cupcake Girl adult women's costume – you'll look cute enough to eat! The hot pink Candy Girl wig is a veritable cotton candy confection of a hairdo and the Candy Girl blue wig is a dream come true – check out SpiritHalloween.com for everything you need to be a California girl.
6 Oct 2011

Remember the old black and white horror films where a creepy woman walked down a darkened hallway bearing an illuminated candelabra – well even if you don't you can recreate the moment with the Spirit Halloween exclusive LED Skull Candelabra prop – all you need add is the sounds of a creaky doors and an evil cackle. Greet guests with this spooky prop and celebrate Halloween in style.
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