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Staple Wound Adhesive Makeup
Item# 00150920

Ready to freak out the crowd?  Create a life-like slashed neck with this incredibly realistic pre-painted latex prosthetic in the shape of a broad gash.  Comes with complete application instructions and make-up suggestions.

  • Natural rubber latex (latex sensitive individuals may experience a reaction)
  • Intended for individuals ages 14 and up
  • To complete this look you will need:
    • Spirit Gum Adhesive/Remover
    • Blending Makeup
    • Sponges
    • Blood Gel (optional)
    • Liquid Latex (optional)
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$9.99 USD
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    • Includes one natural latex appliance
    • Spirit gum and remover, flesh latex, blending makeup, and sponges sold separately
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