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Lobotomy Patient Head Appliance
Item# 07100928
Create your own kind of scary monster with this Severed Patient Head latex appliance - applied to your forehead, it appears your head has been severed. Totally gross and completely awesome!
  • Includes: severed head prepainted latex appliance, adhesive, fake blood
  • Attaches to forehead to give the illusion of severed skin with multiple stitches
  • Blending makeup not included
    • Neutral, blue, red and gray recommended for bruising effect
  • Powder recommended afterwards to set makeup
  • 100% latex
  • Washable
  • Not included:  neck appliance, makeup, blending sponges, shirt
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    • Includes: forehead stitches latex appliance, adhesive, fake blood gel
    • Not included: neck appliance, makeup, shirt
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