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Fresh Kill Kyle Adult Mens Costume
Item# 01135854
There's nothing quite like fresh meat - ham it up in this absolutely gruesome Fresh Kill Kyle adult mens costume and put on a performance worthy of the night of the living dead on Halloween. It's all here - the mask, the shirt, the coat, the pants and the hideous wounds - live it up!
  • The Fresh Kill Kyle adult mens costume consists of a blood spattered zombie-like mask with wig, a white shirt with attached wounds, grey pants with attached wounds and a grey coat with attached wounds
  • Materials/ Fabrics- 10%vinyl 5%latex 10%Polypropylene 75%Polyester
  • Wash/Care Instructions- Don't iron Hang dry Wash with hot water( under 60·C)
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$49.99 USD
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    • Includes: mask with wig, shirt with attached wounds, pants with attached wounds, coat with attached wounds
    • Not included: shoes
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