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Bullet Entry/Exit Wound
Item# 00191411
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Survive the crossfire between cops and robbers with merely a Bullet Entry/Exit Wound! This realistic-looking latex prosthetic attaches easily with Spirit Gum Adhesive (sold separately) to instantaneously transform you into the latest gunshot victim. Blending makeup and fake blood (both sold separately) perfect the gruesome effect.
  • Natural Rubber Latex appliance
  • Not intended for individuals under 14 years of age
  • Items needed to complete look:
    • Spirit gum adhesive/remover
    • Blending makeup
    • Sponges
    • Blood gel (optional)
    • Liquid latex (optional)
  • Use flesh tone makeup for blending and red and blue for bruising effects
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$7.99 USD
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    • Included one prepainted latex appliance
    • Spirit gum adhesive/remover, blending makeup, blood gel, sponges and liquid latex all sold separately
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