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Hot-air Halloween Horrors

Balloons around the house? This Halloween use them to make spiders & ghosts! For halloween spiders- find:

  • A thick, round black balloon
  • String, yarn, or a twist tie
  • 4 black pipe cleaners
  • White-out or white tempera paint

Blow up the balloon so it is only slightly inflated & tie it shut. Twist the balloon to make a large part (the body) & a smaller part (the head). Use the string, yarn, or twist tie to secure the separation between head & body. You may use two balloons tied together at their stems if one balloon is not stretchy enough. Bend the 4 pipe cleaners in half & twist the middle of each & wrap around the twist in the balloon to create 8 legs. Shape each pipe cleaner to give the appearance of a spider’s jointed leg. Use the white-out or white paint to draw eyes & fangs.

If you have white balloons, make some halloween ghosts instead:

  • A white balloon
  • Scissors
  • 2 white plastic grocery bags
  • A black marker
Cut the handles & any colored markings off of the plastic bag. Cut the bags into strips, leaving the seams at the bottom intact. Blow up the white balloon & tape the plastic bags around the end of the balloon in circles a few inches from one end of the balloon. If you want to hang the ghosts, make sure you take the plastic bags around the plain end so you can tie a string to the top of  the ghost on the tied end. Finally, use the black marker to draw eyes & a mouth. Now thats the Halloween spirit!
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