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Outdoor Halloween Decorations
This is the only time of the year where it's perfectly acceptable to leave body parts scattered across the lawn. Truly, the fake severed limb is the scariest of all décor. At Spirit, we have a fine selection of gory Halloween props, including: fake legs, bloody brains, torture victims, and fake dripping blood. Body parts are a must any haunted house.
Scary Prop Scenes
Set the scene with great haunting party supplies. By choosing the right kind of decorations this holiday can be as scary or as tame as you need it to be. For example, skull shaped punch bowls, mugs and serving platters are the kind of body part that adds a macabre feel without being to scary for kids to handle. The same goes for fun food like brain shaped jello molds, especially if you choose a less than realistic color of gelatin. A rainbow colored brain is a far less scary prop than a grey or red one.
Ready to scare the heck out of your guests? Pair classic Halloween haunt techniques with new surprises and new decor for maximum terror. Everyone expects spooky spider webbing around the house, but they'll really jump when wet strands brush their face! Dim lighting is a must, but what a shock to see decapitated heads hanging in the gloom! The more senses your guests use the more memorable the event. Make sure they hear spooky sounds, like creaking doors and monstrous groans. Seeing gory sights is a must, try scary décor for. Scary props will be much more effective if your intended victim has never seen them before. The sense of smell is often over looked in creating a haunted house. But it's really hard to believe you are in danger if you smell pleasant things like popcorn and warm cider. Try scenting the scene with the smell of something burnt, musty or coppery. Fog machines are a great way to add a creepy dampness to the air. Fog, or a small fan paired with cob webbing will also satisfy the sense of touch without creating a dangerous situation. Having items drop down or pop out at guests may cause injury, tripping hazards or damage to the scenery as victims flail around in surprise.
In the end, you'll have put your guest through quite an ordeal; so provide them with something tasty to calm their nerves. Halloween party decorations on the cute side will relax everyone while they eat and encourage conversation. Odds are people will have plenty to talk about after having seen your haunted house!
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