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Spooky Décor for your Haunted House

Can you imagine what it would be like to literally turn your ordinary home into an extraordinary haunt? The possibilities for what you can create are endless when you shop the best Halloween decorations from Spirit. Illuminate the path to your creepy spider-webbed entrance with LED Skull Lights and create chilling cemetery scenes with tombstones, or decorate your lawn on the lighter side with fun inflatables. Fill your house with freaky life-sized animatronics and surprise your guests with a combination of jumping spiders, fog machines, random severed body parts, grim reapers and so much more it’s scary! Enjoy the spookiest time of the year by creating atmospheres right from your imagination. Picture the scene when you set up your bubble fogger and animated props – some children in the neighborhood might be horrified of what you’ve created, but most will appreciate your efforts and revel in your creation. You’ll hear approval in the form of screams and shrieks when you have the right decorations on Halloween!