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Consignment Operator Program

How it Works:

  • Spirit provides the Operator with the best assortment of Halloween merchandise in the industry.
  • Spirit takes a percentage of the retail sales. We pay all freight in and out, throughout the season.
  • The Consignment Operators negotiate their own lease and purchase all fixtures and supplies.
  • Consignee operates under the Spirit Halloween brand name and complies with our merchandising and marketing philosophies.
  • Spirit will furnish the POS terminals to ring sales and track replenishment during the season.
  • The Consignment Operators control their own expenses and pay for only what product sold.
  • Spirit takes periodic markdowns during the season.
  • Spirit provides End of Season physical inventory.
  • Spirit takes back all unsold and resalable merchandise at the end of the season.
  • Spirit looks for Consignment Operators in markets that do not have company stores or already established Operators.

Other Requirements:

  • Financial disclosure required in application.
  • Simple contract signed by both Spirit Halloween and Operator.
  • Confidentiality/Non-compete agreement included in contract.
  • Deposit to be received at contract signing.
  • First year Operators are limited to one store.
  • Temporary lease site is approved by Spirit Halloween.
  • Lease in Operator's name. All lease payments sole responsibility of Operator.
  • Automated withdrawal of funds through debit/credit card sales.
  • Proof of insurance to cover inventory.

For information about our Consignment Operator program, please use this link to access our Mini-Application: