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Walking Dead

Walking Dead Michonne Cloak
Online Only Exclusive
The Walking Dead 'Beware I Bite' Tee
The Walking Dead Flip-Up Zombie T-Shirt
Online Only Exclusive
The Walking Dead Beware I Bite V-Neck T-Shirt
Online Only Exclusive
Walking Dead Tyrese's Hammer
Walking Dead Michonne Wig
Online Only Exclusive
Walking Dead Moss Zombie Full Mask
Online Only Exclusive

For the best Walking Dead costumes, look no further than spirithalloween.com! Zombie lovers and slayers alike will find something from our vast selection. Whether you decide to start a Rick-tatorship with a Rick Grimes costume or slice and dice all the walkers in sight with a Michonne wig and cloak. Use your innocence to feed off the living as the Walking Dead Robe Girl, or go all out with exclusive Walking Dead zombie masks. There are plenty of options for men, women and children. In the end, we're all infected, so your best defense is to be prepared with The Walking Dead costumes from Spirit!