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Only Days Until HALLOWEEN!

Weapons & Armor

Spiked Mace
Online Only
Jungle Dagger
Online Only
Wonder Woman Shield - DC Comics
Online Only
Fire Warrior Sword
Online Only
Knight Crusader Shield
Online Only
Foam Sword
Online Only
Lothar Stormwind Shield – World of Warcraft
Online Only
Kids Knight Armor Set
Online Only
Kids Warrior Set
Online Only
Orgrim's Doomhammer - World of Warcraft
Online Only
Kids Wonder Woman Shield - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Medieval Sword and Shield
Lion Shield
Worn Cleaver
Ninja Sword
Cinderblock Weapon
Intricate War Hammer
Intricate Double Axe
Gold Sword
Foam Jagged Axe
Adult Wolf Sword and Shield

No costume is complete without the Halloween weapons and armor to match. Whether you are defending America's honor using Captain America's shield or a special ops laser cannon gun, you want to always be prepared to protect against your enemies. Even those who battle on the choppy sea can find a pirates sword to protect their booty. Every hero, anti-hero, and villain has a weapon or shield of choice, so ensure that you win the costume contest and get extra candy by picking them up. Just remember, no princess is going to want a knight in shining armor missing his gallant sword, so grab one right here at Spirit Halloween!