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We Vibe Couples Vibrators

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We-Vibe has created some of the most popular couples vibrators around, ones that allow you and your partner to please each other with the use of technology. Spencer’s has plenty of them as part of its offerings of the best sex toys for your love life. Couples love these special luxury vibrators that are waterproof, rechargeable and body safe, for when they want to make their romance even more arousing and add a new and naughty element into the mix. If you’ve been looking for a vibrator that will help you connect more deeply with your partner and have a better sex life, you should check out all the exciting possibilities WeVibe offers you with their specially designed intimate massagers.

The We-Vibe 4 Plus allows you to stimulate both the clitoris and G-Spot using its smartphone iPhone app for the ultimate sex tech enhancement! This beloved couples sex toy lets you customize your vibration patterns so you always have something arousing and exciting to look forward to. Plus it works for couples who are in the same room or who are far apart, making it a perfect long distance relationship or travel sex vibe!

And if you’re a single lady who is looking for a sex toy that will rock your world, We-Vibe has options for you too, such as the Dreamy Desire Vibrator Set, which comes with two vibes, lube and a wireless remote if you wind up wanting to hand over control to someone else, so you can get naughty at any time!

We all know that sometimes even the best relationship needs a little boost in the romance department, something that reminds you of the time when you lived for ripping each other’s clothes off, getting naked and getting to know each other as intimately as possible. We-Vibe vibrators are the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury sex toys, because they offer couples new ways to stay close, even when they’re physically apart (isn’t technology amazing?). If you want your lover to be eager to get busy at a moment’s notice, check out Spencer’s WeVibe couples’ toys for the kind of erotic sensations you’ve been waiting for.