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World of Warcraft Costumes

Lothar Stormwind Shield – World of Warcraft
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Orgrim's Doomhammer - World of Warcraft
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It's time to battle in the Kingdom of Stormwind this Halloween when you wear one of our World of Warcraft costumes. Inspired by the fantasy adventure video game, the upcoming Warcraft movie will have everyone wanting to dress up. Starting with the humans, join the alliance as King Llane Wrynn or in a Sir Anduin Lothar costume. Or channel your inner orc in a Durotan costume. Have you best friend also join the Horde in an Orgrim costume then let the lady in your life dress as someone half human and half orc in a Garona costume. We also have blood elf makeup, a Durotan axe, stormwind sword, and even some character masks. No matter what the battle against Gul'dan is on this Halloween when you wear World of Warcraft Halloween costumes.