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Suicide Squad Costumes

Adult Killer Croc Costume - Suicide Squad
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Killer Croc Mask - Suicide Squad
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Joker Teeth - Suicide Squad
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You have terrorized the streets, taken on superheroes, and put some time in at Belle Reve Prision, now it is time to put your villainous ways to good use in our mens Suicide Squad costumes! If you are the type of man who always hits his mark, dressing in a Deadshot costume may be the best for you. But if you are more naturalistic and tough, our Killer Croc Halloween costumes will definitely terrify all of the superheroes in your path. Finally, go a little crazy with Harley Quinn on your arm when you dress as Batman's archnemesis The Joker. Join all the other villains like Enchantress, Rick Flag, El Diablo, and Boomerang, in the task force to use your villianous ways for good in our Suicide Squad mens costumes.