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Pirate Costumes Ideas
Deluxe Pirate
So you want a little booty this Halloween? Spirit has just about everything a marauder could want for the perfect scallywag look. Spirit has swashbuckler outfits that come as individual pieces or complete outfits. Choose from trusty shipmate swords and cutlasses so you can pillage and plunder any party or event. Our hats, tricorns and wigs will give you that authentic look. Our boots and boot toppers are made of the finest materials and will last for many years to come. Every privateer worth his salt needs a pistol to go with his trusty buccaneer sword and a belt to complete an authentic look. We also have jewelry, flags, banners and many other accessories to complete the perfect outfit.
Deluxe Wench Costume
Deluxe Wench CostumeSwashbuckler costumes are really genderless and timeless. While historically they were almost universally male, female outfits have been a very popular choice over the past few years.  Scallywags also lend themselves for the activities such as scavenger hunts, as well as tradional door-to- door trick-or-treating. Whether you are a buccaneer or a wench, a freebooter outfit from Spirit will make you the envy of any Halloween event. And be sure to check out our Pirate outfits for Men.
This stylish garb has now made a huge comeback thanks to the cinema industry. Johnny Depp and Keira Knightly have brought the romance back to the buccaneer couple which make scallywags a great choice for couples this year. There are a wide variety of sexy and traditional looks available from Spirit, along with fabulous ton of props. No costume is complete with only the basic outfit. Piracy is a dirty, rough business, and demands all the tools of the trade to command the high seas with an iron hand.
Tricorn Hat
Tricorn Pirate HatThe traditional looks start with a hat, or Tricorn. The tricorn hat gets its name, surprisingly, from the fact that it has three corners. If you are not a hat person, you may be interested in a head wrap that resembles the modern day bandana. Add to that the vest and a pair of balloon pants, or raggedy skirt if you are playing the part of a wench, and a pair of boots and you are ready to take to the high seas.
Before you commandeer another ship, you are going to need to outfit yourself with a few weapons. Spirit offers a whole slew of special weapons. Take your pick from a wide selection which ranges from Guns & swords. Typical swashbucklers would carry a cutlass or short sword, and perhaps augment their firepower with the classic gun, the blunderbuss pistol. The classic belt would also have a sheath for the sword, or possibly a traditional baldric.
One of the best things about dressing as a pirate is that they did not have any consistent style of dress. They wore a haphazard array of loose-fitting clothing, normally whatever they could find. Black, blue, green, orange and red could be found on shirts, pants, head wraps, making you a hard person to miss in any tavern. These outfits often contain clothing that was at least a size or two too large and the more garish the better. One of the keys to a good buccaneer outfit is to make sure everyone around you knows what you are, as such, you can wear whatever you like. And if someone has something to say about it, then they can say it from the business end of your sword.
Putting the final touches on a good outfit comes from the accessories. Compliment your ensemble with a gold hoop earring, a bandoleer of ammunition, a bottle of the cheapest rum you can find, and the timeless stuffed parrot on your shoulder. Blackening out a few teeth and smelling like you haven't left the tavern for a week will put the final touches on the perfect outfit.
Being a scallywag allows you to cut loose and enjoy your Halloween night! As a free-spirited scallywag, allow yourself to get into the persona and let that rebel part of you come out to play for a night. Steal a few kisses, grasp a bottle of rum and set sail for the night!
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