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Halloween Props Ideas
Now I won't bore you with the easy stuff, that last bit was just to get the ball rolling. What I am going to do is get right to the heart of the matter of Halloween costume props. If you are sans accessories, your outfit will look unfinished, incomplete, incoherent and unabashedly unsound. Like a witch without a broom, you'll never leave the ground.
So, now that we're all on the same page that a scary Halloween prop is to a scary costume as peanut butter is to jelly, let's peruse the assortment and pick out the perfect product for your outfit.
This Halloween, when you are thinking of making a homemade prop, remember a real axe or chainsaw at a party is dangerous. Plastic, however, is as safe as a werewolf under a quarter moon. If you really haven't gotten it yet folks, a prop is the maker, the breaker, the costume contest taker; it's the reason people won't think you're a holiday faker. It is essential to gear up with the correct accessories. Good luck in all of your tricking or treating.
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