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Ode to Halloween costume accessories
Who would recognize a pirate without his trusty hat?
He could easily be a chimney sweep, a colonial dandy, a slightly injured but perfectly respectable sea rat.
It's the eye patch! The sword! The parrot! That gave him away,
Or so they say….
But we know it was the hat.
And in the case of clowns, how silly the whole act would be
If he was just a guy. No squirting flower, no floppy shoes, sans grease paint and completely wig free?
Just Mr. Smith in a tacky suit.
And what's with the rubber chicken? That's not cute.
But with a red rubber nose…it could be!
Woe to the under-dressed gangster.
The fedora's snappy, the tie's a beaut. But if you're not packing heat you're an empty suit, a prankster.
Its hardly criminal
To go slick black and pin-stripped minimal.
You've got to have that tommy gun to cause a dang stir!
A gun to match your suit? Of course!
Any Halloween accessory guide (worth its salt) is incomplete without its tour de force
It's arsenal. The fencing foil, saber, chainsaw, devil's pitchfork
Death's sickle, ninja's tools, cowboy's pop gun and cork
Spirit is your source!
And now let me direct your attention to something very close to my heart…
Lace stockings. Thigh highs, tights, garters, fishnets and those little ruffled socks, this amazing display of leg is surely an art!
That long.
Straight up
The back…
Call the naughty nurses! This is surely an attack.
Don't fear for my life though. From these legs I could never depart.
The grim reaper in mysterious ways moves
As does the belly dancer. Though costume bells will notify of the direction she may choose
other common features?
Is the appearance of these creatures
As the season approaches, side by side, trying on boot covers and Halloween shoes.
I've often heard at company events how employees must where many hats.
And walk the walk. And talk the talk. But do they happen to know, about the wide selection and variety, of witch hats?
Which are you? A feathered witch.
A good witch tiara, a wicked witch all done with black spider stitch.
Perhaps you could get away with that…
And if, for you, a costume would embarrass
May I suggest a witty t-shirt Something with pumpkins, something with humor, not too crass?
Maybe with mention of beer…
Or how this holiday is nothing to fear.
Whatever you choose, your spirit is sure to improve and your all hallows eve none shall surpass.
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