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Gothic Halloween Costumes
Gothic art is actually older than the holiday as we know it. Gothic literature, art and architecture began in the late 18th century. Dracula was written in the late 19th century. And it seems our love affair with the darkly romantic has never quite worn off since. Gothic vampires will forever be a staple of Halloween. The classic vampire look as sported by Bella Lugosi is still just as popular as ever. The vampire hunter is modern twist on the old vampire idea. Movies such as "Blade" and "Vampire Hunter D" show an image cultivated by the modern Gothic or goth subculture. The Gothic outfit is slightly modified. Black lace is exchanged for black leather but our vampires remain true to character. A loner, thinking himself a monster, beloved by women, hunted by men, and a threat to all…or could he just be misunderstood?

For the modern Gothic girl, being Dracula's victim just isn't enough. Gothic women can, of course, still choose to be the female counter part to several types of classically wicked leading men. Brides of Satan, devil dames, zombie princesses, sorceresses and vampirette costumes abound on Spirit. However, one of the great things about Gothica is that traditionally girly and light outfits can be reexamined and repurposed under this new Gothic vision. Thus, is born the dark fairy and the dark angel ensemble (also known as fallen angel). This new breed of ensemble gives a lot of freedom to the women who love wings, lace and glitter…but still think Halloween is supposed to be scary!

Gothic angel costumes encapsulate the concepts at the heart of Gothic clothing. A romantic theme of innocence lost, appears in the tattered wings and blackened halo and harkens back to British Gothic literature, which is heavily laden with religious imagery. The ruined ruffles and revealing skirts of the look add a taint of Lolita sexiness, a favorite of modern Gothic subculture as it evolved in Japan. Japanese Goths sport more complicated outfits in their daily lives than their European counterparts. The female fashion is called Elegant Gothic Lolita (or EGL) and for men, Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA). Clothing designs are much closer to 18th century velvets and laces, than to the American goth style of latex, leather, and metal fashions. Culturally iconic outfits or not, it can be quite the conversation starter.
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