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Gangster Costume Ideas
Become a Real Gangster on Halloween!
This holiday has traditionally been a time that monsters and villains walk the earth for a night. Sometimes we comfort ourselves by saying "it's not real, it's not real". That's easy enough to say when skeleton surprises you, but mobsters cross that line. The mafia used to rule the streets back in prohibition days. Scarface, Capone, Pretty Boy. Step into your mafia outfit, strap on your spats and join the family. Good guys beware and flapper girls run for cover 'cause this gin join is about to be busted up!
Running low on pinstripes? Not sure what spats look like? Left your fedora in San Francisco? Spirit has got you covered! Get your Mafia Halloween costume and all the accessories in one convenient stop. All you'll need to do is practice your James Cagney impression. For the true Cagney fan here's a bit of trivia: The mobster refrain, "You dirty rat!" - was never actually said verbatim by James Cagney, although he did say something similar, "Mmm, that dirty, double-crossin' rat," in Blonde Crazy.  And in another Cagney film Angels With Dirty Faces, a mobster shoots his girlfriend, while saying, "Take that, you dirty rat!" But I bet you can still get away with it for Halloween!
Sexy Mobsters
And ladies, you can definitely be a Sexy gangster! Mafia outfits for woman come in several different types, how do you know which ones right for you? One option is the full black suit with white tie. It's a classic look, slimming and has that chic men's wear appeal. Or you might prefer something a little more feminine like a cute mobster moll costume with pink and gray details. If you're a really daring female gangster you could even go for the hot pants! For the younger mafia girl, there are some adorable pin-striped and ruffled skirt options. So get out there and make the neighbors a trick-or-treat offer they can't refuse!
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