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Funny Costume Ideas
It's that time of year again! Time to pull out all the stops and wow people with your great Halloween get-up.  Having trouble choosing between that Mardi Gras theme, famous couple, or simply mustard and ketchup? What you need to do is narrow down the range of possibilities and find that unique outfit that's also an easy fix.
First, think about how many people you'd like to involve in your group. Is this just for you, a couple, for a large group, or a party idea? Decide on the kind of theme you'd enjoy - is it an 80s, or gangster and flapper party that you'd like to plan? Knowing this will help you budget your time and energy. A fancy dress is great if that's your only project, but if you'll be hosting a big event, better make it more like a toga party.
Some great ensembles are far too difficult to make at home, like a horse, but the majority of funny Halloween ensembles have a cheap, do-it-yourself version. For example a super hero ensemble may seem impossible if you can't sew, but remember the incredible hulk wasn't wearing much clothing! All you need to do is buy some ripped purple pants and a lot of green make-up. Keep in mind, some of the old clothes around the house might make great homemade outfits, and not just a toga outfit. Most people have the ingredients for a 70s ensemble or an 80s outfit, just laying around the house!
How about an old blouse and some old jewelry to make that pirate garb? Want to be a celebrity? No problem. Usually, all you need is a wig and sunglasses to become one of Hollywood's greatests! For a unique toddler costume, don't go for that scary look, but rather something cute like a zoo animal. There's nothing cuter that your little wrapped up in a shark, penguin or panda jumpsuit.
Before you go crazy figuring out what you want to be, keep your audience in mind. Your husband may love the glitz and glam of pimp and ho couples costumes, but that may leave you doing some explaining to the kids. Your teen outfit might be adorable, but is it too hot to handle? Leggings and pettiskirts not only add the right kind of coverage, but also give a bit more flavor to any ensemble.
Be careful when choosing attire for others. A kid's ensemble may sound great to you, but your kids might be embarrassed beyond words to be stuck with your clown idea. But not every clown is corny, and with the correct red nose, rainbow wig, oversized shoes, makeup, colorful jumpsuit and accessories you can turn a lame clown into a wacky or scary one! Remember, a good costume will not only allow the person wearing it to have a good time, but it will be memorable for all others involved as well! Maybe that funny thought would make a better outfit for your pet than for your child. Your dog will never get embarrassed, no matter how wild the look.
When you need family theme outfit it may seem a bit daunting. You need a baby garment, a kid's ensemble, a fancy dress for yourself and don't forget the twins! Luckily, the internet has really become a zone full of helpful resources. Just searching for the right combination of words can lead you to your next great concept. You'll find pages and pages of notions! As you get closer to choosing an ensemble you can use more specific search terms that will ultimately lead you to the best possible dress up opportunity. Happy Haunting!
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