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Couples Costumes
When it comes to couples Halloween costumes, we have a huge supply. There are funny, clever, silly and sexy ideas to share with one another. There is the classic nut and bolt where a man wears a bolt and the woman wears a nut; the bun maker and bun in the oven (which are quickly becoming a big hit), clowns, Hef and a Bunny and many more.
There are the humorous adult get-ups for couples that are always a good idea like Fred and Wilma, ketchup and mustard, tourists, etc. We even have a unique couple outfit in the form of Will Ferrell and Sheri Oteri's characters, the Spartan cheerleaders from SNL. This will have fans of the Saturday Night Live skit rolling as well as ex-cheer leaders, just remember the chant, "U-G-L-Y, You ain't got no alibi, you're ugly" and head out to a party to cheer until your friends are splitting at the seams laughing. Don't worry, it won't take long.
There are also couples costumes you can make on your own which could be just as funny as any other ensemble. Some great combinations done in the past include opposites attract ideas, like cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, Jesus and a Roman soldier even Elvis and a toile; you can even get more creative and do something with a classic character such as Dracula and his bride or the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. You can make a sexy couples dress by with a sexy stewardess and a pilot, or a sexy cop and robber, or vice versa! It all comes down to how you want to rock this Halloween.
So if you and your partner in crime are planning on doing a couple thing this Halloween, than look through the Spirit website. There is a large group section as well as a ton of other costumes that can be adult couples outfits if you put a little imagination into them.
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