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Choosing Men's Halloween Costumes
Go for a classic costume, like a pirate, or better yet, transform yourself into Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and go out as a movie character rather than just a plain old pirate. These few ideas are but an inkling of what is out there for men who are willing to take a little time to make this Halloween a memorable one.
The internet can be useful for all means of information, like where to buy spooky costumes or places that have ideas for outfits. If you are looking to be a spider man alien, you won't find gear for that on the web, but if you are looking for a broader topic, say, a handsome man ensemble, you might have more luck. And if you are really lost in it, use a search engine; and don't be afraid of nominal phrases that seem to make no sense, but will garner the searches you want if you use the words that best describe what you desire.
Choices, Choices, Choices
What it all comes down to is really whether or not you want to be a replica spider man or will you be OK wearing the spidey pajamas and mask. There is a difference between a man who will dress up for Halloween or one who will shrug the whole idea off. You can tell when a guy went out and bought his manly renaissance garments when it looks like it was stolen from a movie set, and when a guy looks like the tin man, but actually he's wearing a stolen garbage can. Not to say one or the other is in the right, they are both good notions for this holiday, and for different reasons.
The same is true for the person who will create their own black spider man from the movie, and the guy who goes out and buys a Wolverine get-up consisting of nothing more than a 12 dollar jumpsuit and mask. They will both get you into the party, but one actually has thought and effort that went into it, so it ends up turning out better. It doesn't have to cost more, it just has to have a bit of effort. Allow yourself some credibility by making your ensemble look authentic as opposed to a simple jumpsuit coupled with a mask. It is just more fun to go all out. So, this Halloween, rather than going out in something old or generally not relevant from back in your college days, take a little time and look for a good men's outfit or a real spider man costume.
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